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Google Launches Shared Stuff

12 years ago in Hot News, Useful Links by Brent | No Comments


Recently, Google quietly launched Shared Stuff, a service that allows you to share interesting web pages with your friends through your “Shared Stuff” page, other bookmarking services or by email. Although it’s in it’s early stages, it seems to have some really promising features and they seem to have some really great ideas for the future. Once again, yet another useful app added to the Google family of friendly apps.

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Before the exams of 642-436 and 70-293, it is important that 70-294 as well as 70-536 should be cleared or else 70-642 would not be exempted.

iBAM Search Page

12 years ago in Useful Links by Brent | 2 Comments

A couple weeks ago, I decided to start playing with RSS feeds and automated search links, etc. What I ended up with was a one page listing of Mac-tastic information pulled from all over the internet. Now, it’s not perfect by any means, but it was a fun exercise so I thought I’d tell everyone […]

Get More Life Out Of Your MacBook Battery

12 years ago in Articles, How do I?, Useful Links by Brent | 38 Comments

Apple says your MacBook battery, when new, is good for about 4 ½ hours. Of course, there’s some variability, depending on what you’re doing with the computer. Here are a few tricks to keep your battery from dying on a long flight or something:

User Submitted Links

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I love how everyone has jumped in and started participating in the posts here on iBAM. I especially like it when I get emails or comments that have helpful links and tips additional to my own. Recently, I received a couple links via email from readers of iBAM and I wanted to share them with […]

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