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iBAM Community

10 years ago in Articles, Useful Links by Brent | No Comments


It’s finally here! (Well mostly anyway) The iBAM Community has officially launched. Now, I don’t claim to be a Ning Superhero by any stretch of the imagination so I’m gonna keep playing around with the site pretty much indefinitely. As always, iBAM is a community so I need your help. If you have ideas, suggestions or whatever, please feel free to post your thoughts either here or over in the community. Our goal is to make this cool and fun so DO IT! haha

I hope you guys enjoy the community and remember… Just because you bought a Mac (or even if you want to) doesn’t mean the community site has to be ALL MAC STUFF. We all have other interests too so feel free to share as we all celebrate at least the one thing we all have in common, our Mac.

See you over in the community!

– Brent

Take your notes with you.

11 years ago in Articles, Contributors, Useful Links by Wardy Miller | No Comments

Evernote has just come out of BETA. For those of you that don’t know, Evernote is a great idea, as well as a great application. Once you sign up for a free account, you can download the client. There is a client, for Mac, smart phone, (and yes) Windows. The client, will allow synchronization between […]

Uninstalling Apps, The Easy Way

11 years ago in Contributors, How do I?, Neat & Nifty, Reviews, Useful Links by Wardy Miller | 5 Comments

Uninstalling Apps, The Easy Way By: Wardy Miller One of the first questions that I get asked by new Mac users is “how do I delete unwanted programs?” The answer can be a little tricky. Most programs can be dragged to the trash can to be removed, because the Mac operating system has nothing like […]

Macworld | Leopard Power Tips

11 years ago in Useful Links by Brent | 3 Comments

I bookmarked this today on but it was too good an article to wait for the link feed. Enjoy! “Here’s a sampling of Leopard-themed hints provided by the readers of” Macworld | Leopard power tips

Keeping Your Mac Cool

11 years ago in Essential Apps, Neat & Nifty, Useful Links by Brent | 4 Comments

Ever find yourself breaking out into a sweat while typing an email or browsing the Internet? I do and it’s not because I live in Arizona (although that does assist). It’s because my “not so laptop friendly laptop” tends to get a little toasty at times. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Mac, but […]

Testing: Mobasoft MyChingo

11 years ago in Reviews, Useful Links by Brent | No Comments

A couple months ago, I met a guy by the name of Michael Bailey. He’s got this nifty little company that allows for audio commenting on websites and is in feverish development of a video version as well. I thought I might throw the little applet up here on iBAM for the masses to play […]

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