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Like a surgeon…

12 years ago in Friends of iBAM, The Cronicles by Brent | 5 Comments


I have been facelifting websites all this week. I mentioned PodCamp AZ in an earlier post and I just finished my wife’s birthday page the other day. I’m kinda proud of it, so I thought I’d link to it here. Swing by, take a look and come back to let me know what you think.

Michelle’s Birthday Fund

12 years ago in Friends of iBAM, The Cronicles by Brent | 1 Comment

Michelle, my wife, is having her birthday this month (the 26th). And I have this crazy idea… Honestly, I have done this a couple times before, but never blogged about it or opened it up to the general population. Mainly because I’m betting that you don’t really care, but you could prove me wrong (yet […]

A Bronze Star for (mt) Tech Support

12 years ago in The Cronicles by Brent | 22 Comments

Digg This Story – C’mon! You know you want to. I spent most of my day yesterday on the phone with Media Temple (or MT for short) on behalf of Justine Ezarik (or Justine for short). I was helping her move her blog, from DataCities (darn near the worst host I have ever seen) […]

Eight random things about me

12 years ago in Pointless Posts, The Cronicles by Brent | 3 Comments

Here I am, unable to sleep once again and so I find myself plinking away through my Mint pages and I notice a link from a “random” post. With not much to do, I decide to investigate and to my surprise, I have been tagged by Kim M. Bayne and her Minced Media blog. Tagged? […]

My iPhone Experience

12 years ago in Heroic Hardware, The Cronicles by Brent | 9 Comments

So here I sit, relaxing in a nice little chair, drinking a frozen Gatorade and watching the lemmings, I mean iPhone fans that had been standing in line for over 2 hours file themselves one by one into the Apple store tonight. I leave my comfy chair only once, and just for a moment, as […]

Subscriptions rising

12 years ago in The Cronicles by Brent | No Comments

I went to my Feedburner stats page today (first time in quite a while) and was pleasantly surprised. We have actually had a fairly steady increase in subscriptions since our launch here @ iBAM. I just wanted to share the graph with everyone and take a second to say thanks for all of you who […]

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