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Steve Jobs Dies at 56

8 years ago in Articles, Mac in the Media, The Cronicles by Brent | No Comments

Today, we loose an icon. Steve, you will be greatly missed. The above picture is on Apple’s home page right now. Apple has also put up a special announcement page for your thoughts, memories, and condolences. If you wish to send something, you can email:

Here’s some links to the articles about his death:

Steve, you will be GREATLY missed! Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

Thank you!


8 years ago in The Cronicles by Brent | No Comments

It only took more than forever for me to launch this new design. I kept trying to make everything perfect and this morning finally said “Screw it! I’ll flush out the bugs in real-time”. So that’s what’s going on. Firstly, HUGE thanks to Derek Punsalan for this update of his original iBAM design. Second… I […]

My Noisy Fan

9 years ago in Articles, Ask iBAM, The Cronicles by Brent | 4 Comments

My Noisy Fan from Brent Spore on Vimeo. 3 years of owning my Mac with no major issues. JUST after it’s AppleCare expires, it decides to start freaking out.


11 years ago in The Cronicles by Brent | 2 Comments

So… yeah, I have been up for over 3 days straight, working… I decided to try something new by entering into the Pirillo IRC Chat (BIG MISTAKE!!!). I get my IRC baptisim by being booted off the Pirillo IRC chat in less than 10 minutes for mentioning my URL (how was I supposed to know?). […]

Cadie’s first 6 Months (in 30 mins or less)

11 years ago in The Cronicles by Brent | No Comments

Yes! I’m a sucker for my kid but how cool is it to be able to upload a bunch of random pics and have them put together so well in 30 minutes or less? Dang! this is cool and what kid wouldn’t want their face plastered on the interwebs in this way? I uploaded, I […]

How McDonald’s Saved my Life (back in 1984)

11 years ago in Articles, The Cronicles by Brent | 6 Comments

So, I’m sitting here watching the (freaking amazing) closing cerimonies of the olympics in Beijing and I am reminded of another summer back in 1984. I thought I would share my experience. Travel back with me for a minute…

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