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Threadless Back to School Sale

12 years ago in Pointless Posts by Brent | 1 Comment


I know, I know… This post really doesn’t belong here, but I just love Threadless and this sale they have going on right now is just awesome!  If you have never bought a Threadless shirt, now’s the time. if you haven’t bought something in a while, it’s time again! Pop yourself right over to the really large home page of a billion photos and get something cool. You only have till Monday, so get on it! Yes, this is a shameless plug. If you use the link provided in this post you can even help feed my own t-shirt addiction by getting me some street points. I’d sure appreciate it if you would! Thanks in advance.Ok, back to the relevant posts…

Diggworthy: Retro Mac WordPress Theme

12 years ago in Pointless Posts by Brent | 2 Comments

Okay… Normally I don’t post on Diggs but I found this one particularilly interesting so here’s another pointless post for you to chew on. Have fun!

Stumble, I love you… but catch up or something!

12 years ago in Pointless Posts by Brent | No Comments

So… here, I have another completely pointless post. I have been watching my mint pages today and I’m getting BACNed by StumbleUpon. Now, as much as I appreciate the Stumble traffic, what is the big deal about Chris’ post? Don’t get me wrong, Chris deserves publicity, but four months after the fact? Someone explain this […]

Eight random things about me

12 years ago in Pointless Posts, The Cronicles by Brent | 3 Comments

Here I am, unable to sleep once again and so I find myself plinking away through my Mint pages and I notice a link from a “random” post. With not much to do, I decide to investigate and to my surprise, I have been tagged by Kim M. Bayne and her Minced Media blog. Tagged? […]

The goings on…

12 years ago in Pointless Posts by Brent | 3 Comments

In case some of you were wondering (most weren’t I’m sure). I was on a mini-vacation in Mexico all this last week, choking on filthy sea water while trying to body surf in the ultra choppy ocean waves. I haven’t taken a break in a very long time, so this one came very timely. Now […]

What are they holding anyway?

12 years ago in Pointless Posts by Brent | 3 Comments

So… I pulled in my driveway last night and passing one of the houses on my street, I noticed there were these signs in the front yard of my neighbor’s house. By the information written on the signs, I noticed that they had just had twin baby girls and were announcing them to the neighborhood […]

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