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Pimp me out on Twitter, Win an iTunes Gift Card

12 years ago in Pointless Posts by Brent | 13 Comments


I’m in the mood to meet more friends on Twitter. So, I decided to make it a little more fun. Here’s how it works: Everyone who adds me or promotes my page somehow via Twitter today (November 19th, 2007 *see update below, we’re doing it again today – the 20th) will get dropped in to a random drawing for a $25 iTunes Gift Card. I’m more curious than anything as to how fast information can travel through Twitter and what-not. Call it a social media experiment or something. I have no idea what will happen, but… BRING IT ON! (haha)

Here’s a tip: Want to meet new Twitter friends too? “track iboughtamac” and see what I see today.

Another tip: Use TwitterSearch to find the tweets if you can’t use “track”

*Update: I pulled Justine’s tweet out of the hat this morning so she won. Let’s do it all again today!

My Weekend Project

12 years ago in Pointless Posts by Brent | 1 Comment

Fun from

12 years ago in Mac in the Media, Pointless Posts by Brent | No Comments has a little easter egg in their search box. If you type the word “virus” and wait a second, you get a funny little result (pictured above). This nifty little quip has been bouncing around the net for a couple days, but I thought just in case you hadn’t seen it yet, I’d share […]

Fun from my flickr

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My dog would love me to think that he’s human. He can’t sleep without a pillow but then I’m quickly reminded, nope he’s not

Avast Ye Hearties, Yo Ho!

12 years ago in Pointless Posts by Brent | 4 Comments

Jolly “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”, ya skervies! In all the fun aboard thee ‘ol Internet this day, I founds me a couple gnarly treats out in th’ar nets. A little sump’n that caught me eye. Now If ye be look in’ real hard, ye might’n even be find’n yerself some buried treasure. Yarrr! […]

Bling for your mouse pointer

12 years ago in Neat & Nifty, Pointless Posts by Brent | 1 Comment

Okay, it’s a weekend and I’ve had a long week so this post is one to add to the “Pointless Post” category. Startrail is a application by Pawn Software, but I wouldn’t call it an “Essential App” by any means. It’s just one of those things that you get to waste time and that’s about […]

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