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It’s all about the music

7 years ago in iPad, iPhone, iPhone App Spotlight, Neat & Nifty, Reviews by Wardy Miller | No Comments

If you didn’t know it, I am a big music fan, and I am always looking for a good music app. The iPhone and iPad have the music app that can play your music or any playlists that you have created. You can also use it to create a genius playlist, based off of a seed song, it will match other songs in your library that are similar. There are plenty of apps that will help you find new music, Pandora, Spotify and so on, they use a seed song or band to create your playlist. But what if you want to create a playlist based on something other than a song? For example a playlist based on the day of the week, where you were going, or your mood? Enter Songza. Songza does just that it will create a play list for you based on filters as what you are doing or how you are feeling. All of Songza’s playlists are made by music professionals. DJ’s and music critics. The other cool thing about Songza, is there are no commercials. It also functions a little like Pandora where you can give a gong the “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs down” which will fine tune you playlist on the fly. For example I am writing this post on Sunday morning. When I opened Songza, it asked me if I wanted a “Late Sunday morning playlist” I clicked go, then it asked if I wanted “pre-game pump up music” and of I said Go. It started playing some really cool songs that would fire you up, but I hadn’t thought about in a while. Songza is not limited to iOS. The application also runs on Android and there is also a website, so you can always have a new cool playlist at your fingertips. I know your next question, “How much for this app?” You can have this app and all of it’s playlist creating goodness for the low, low price of… FREE. So you have no excuse not to at least give it a spin. Even if you don’t download the app, give it a shot on the web. You won’t be disappointed.

The Magic Trackpad

7 years ago in Add-Ons, Neat & Nifty, Reviews by Wardy Miller | 2 Comments

For a while now I have been using a Magic Mouse. Apple’s bluetooth mouse that is capable of using gestures and I REALLY loved it, but then I decided it was time for me to break down and see what all the fuss was about with Apple’s magic Trackpad. So I made my way to […]

Giveaway: Low Battery Saver

7 years ago in Articles, Essential Apps, Neat & Nifty by Brent | No Comments

Ever had your MacBook die on you? I know Apple has been so gracious to give us 20 minute warnings but I tend to respond with, “20 minutes? I’ve got time”. Low Battery Saver aims to help us out by giving us better notifications on the time our battery has left. It’s a pretty neat little app. […]

What I want for Christmas

7 years ago in Articles, iPad, iPhone, Neat & Nifty by Brent | No Comments

I was poking around the internet today and added a few interesting things to my wish list. I thought you might find them interesting too. Here’s what I found:

The Apple Store iPhone App

8 years ago in Articles, Essential Apps, iPad, iPhone, Neat & Nifty, Reviews by Brent | No Comments

Last night I noticed that my MacBook Pro was acting a little strange so I decided to take it in to the Apple store for a check up. I started to go about the traditional method of booking a genius bar appointment. > Go to… <wait> <wait> <wait> > Go to APPLE.COM!! At that […]

Instagram releases version 2.0

8 years ago in Essential Apps, iPhone, iPhone App Spotlight, Neat & Nifty by Brent | No Comments

Instagram just released version 2.0 of their awesome iPhone app. This HUGE update brings us: Live filters Four new filters Instant tilt-shift High-resolution photos Borders now optional One-click rotation New logo So far I love just about everything. Did they remove the blur depth control for tilt-shift? I’m not seeing it. I really do miss […]

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