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Apple Music: Worth it or Swerve it?

3 years ago in Apple, Music by Charlotte Mackie | No Comments

Apple Music: Worth it or swerve it? (Image credit:

Apple Music: Worth it or swerve it? (Image credit:

Apple are definitely not unknown in the music world, having largely dominated the portable music device scene for years, but their first foray into music streaming has come during the peak of Spotify’s popularity. The main question is; is it worth it, or should you swerve it?

Music streaming services are certainly having their moment right now; with Spotify dominating, and Deezer slowly moving up alongside it. So the questions is whether Apple have made a wise move in releasing Apple Music amongst the Spotify hype?

Streaming is certainly overtaking music ownership and is quickly becoming the way in which people tend to listen to their music, which is great. Since there’s only ever going to be room for a few services offering a similar sort of content at any one time, let’s take a look at what Apple Music has to offer.

Apple Music

Apple Music launched on 30th June on Apple devices, following up with an Android app (albeit with fewer features) on November 11th 2015. Apple devices have the choice of single plans, or family plans, with a slight price discrepancy. However, Android devices do not yet have the option to choose a family plan.

Apple Music is currently priced at $9.99/£9.99 a month for a single package, and $14.99/£14.99 for a family package, which is good for six users across dfiferent devices. Similarly to Spotify, this one monthly payment gets you unlimited streaming of all the content that Apple has to offer.

On Apple Music, you’ll find a range of music to stream (although it’s worthwhile noting that the big name artists who have withdrawn their music from Spotify have done the same thing with Apple Music, so don’t expect to find all Taylor Swift, Adele or Beyonce albums on there), and radio stations. Like other music streaming services, you can create your own playlists for convenience of listening.

With Apple Music, there is a strong focus on discovering new artists and listening to music that you might not have heard before, but will likely enjoy. Of course, this feature isn’t exclusive to Apple Music, and you could get the same experience from Spotify or Google Music, but it’s worth noting nonetheless.

Up to this point, it’s seeming like Apple Music has nothing particular to offer us that we’re not getting from other music streaming services, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits that we’re only really getting from Apple.

  • A three month free trial, as opposed to the standard one month, is available with Apple Music; this is a good length of time to figure out if you’re getting on with the service and want to keep it.
  • For those of us with fully up to date Apple devices, Apple Music is there, ready and waiting for us. There’s no need to download anything else onto the device; just sign up and get streaming. This is a benefit to those of us who don’t fancy downloading any extra apps.
  • Integration with the songs already in your iTunes. Unfortunately, this is something other streaming services just can’t do. Apple Music integrates with the music already on your device, making the whole experience seamless. This means that those missing artists won’t be an issue if you’re planning to buy their music, since it’ll all appear in the same place anyway.
  • The opportunity to get a family plan. Paying only an extra $5/£5 for 5 extra users is pretty good. Although you can make as many playlists as you like on Spotify, only one person can listen “online” at once, meaning any other users on the account must set their device to offline to listen without interruption.

With all that being said, it’s hard to say whether Apple Music is completely worth it or not, since it doesn’t offer anything overly innovative that we can’t find elsewhere. However, with the three month free trial, it’s well worth giving that a go at least, and deciding from there. Those of us that are already die hard Spotify fans may find making the switch awkward, but why not try?

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