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Let’s talk about High Sierra

2 years ago in Apple, Articles, Mac in the Media, Reviews by Wardy Miller | No Comments

High Sierra is Apples latest OS offering. The thing is, think of High Sierra as a “Service Pack” for Sierra. While there are a few new additions, High Sierra focuses on tightening up Sierra. Many of the enhancements are “under the covers”, in my opinion the most important would be APFS. APFS replaces HFS+ which is over 30 years old, and while serving us well, it is a little long in the tooth. Now with larger capacity drives there is a need for a new file management system. During the initial rollout it will be installed on SSD’s with Fusion drives up next. (I haven’t found any documentation stating when or if it will come to spinning drives.) The APFS is a 64-bit architecture and is designed for flash technologies as well as tomorrows storage capabilities. The 64-bit architecture allows for faster duplication and finding the size of a folder almost instantly. APFS also contains built-in encryption.
HEVC – The new video standard. When shooting video in 4k files can become quite large. High Sierra uses HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) also known as H.265. It can compress video up to 40% more than H.264 (the previous standard) Using H.265 videos stream better, maintain visual quality, while taking up less space.
Metal 2 – Recently more and more applications are relying on the GPU (Graphics Processer Unit) in your Mac. Whether it is for games, or editing video, users are leaning more and more on the GPU. That’s where Metal 2 comes in. Metal 2 not only cranks up the visual experience, it also adds machine learning, virtual reality and external GPU support.
Photos – Now let’s discuss the applications that you can see some improvements with High Sierra. The app that got the most attention was Photos. The new editing bar in photos gives you much more control than in previous versions. New in Photos you have the ability to send your photos to an external editing tool, like Photoshop and import them right back in. Also, the side bar has been expanded making it easier to find what you are looking for at a glance. Now you have more control in your Live Photos, from being able to set the key frame to adding effects. Memories introduces more categories including sporting events, babies, pets and more.
Safari – Safari gained some tweaks, not a complete overhaul, but some very welcomed enhancements. The first being my favorite. Stopping videos that auto-play. That is one of my pet peeves. I’ll be reading a webpage then out of nowhere the speakers start blaring as some video (that I’m not even interested in) starts blaring. Safari in High Sierra fixes that by not allowing videos to auto-play. As always if you want to play them you can, but Safari makes it YOUR choice. A second welcomed feature is turning on Intelligent Tracking Prevention. What is this? You ask, when you do a web search for a product, let’s say a guitar. Then every site you visit after that you see an advertisement for the exact guitar you were looking at. Tracking Prevention will help ensure your privacy so your searches aren’t shared with other sites.
Siri – Siri has been greatly improved. The voice now sounds more human with more inflection. Siri also works with Apple Music to learn your preferences and offer recommendations.
This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are more hidden gems in High Sierra, see how many you can find and let’s see them in the comments.

3 Ways Apple Actually Innovates

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Be on the lookout!

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We were alerted by Symantic that a new virus is known to be in the wild. The bad guys are exploiting Apple fans. They are using iPhone 5 rumors in malicious Word documents and email to entice online victims with file names referencing Apple’s iPhone to attack a PC. Thus far this vulnerability is only […]

Steve Jobs Dies at 56

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Today, we loose an icon. Steve, you will be greatly missed. The above picture is on Apple’s home page right now. Apple has also put up a special announcement page for your thoughts, memories, and condolences. If you wish to send something, you can email: Here’s some links to the articles about his death: […]

iPad – My Initial Impressions

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[before you ditch this article, please add your iPad thoughts in the comments. We have a couple months before this thing is available, let’s chat about it] Did you see Steve’s presentation today? I didn’t as I was in route to a client meeting. Nevertheless I have read the reviews, gawked at the images and […]

WWDC ’09: What Just Happened

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You might be in a whirl after Apple’s announcements today at WWDC, or you’re simply looking for what happened. Here’s a breakdown of the keynote’s events: Macbooks Macbook Pro Updates: Updated (and better) battery using technologies in 17-inch for all MBP models, SD Card Slot replaces Express Card slot, Faster Processors maxing out at 3.06ghz, […]

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