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iPhone App Spotlight: Instapaper

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instapaper-icon.pngIf you’re like me, you’ll often find yourself with numerous tabs open in your web browser and an array of news articles and blog posts that you want to read. Unfortunately, it seems as though there has been no simple-solution storing place for all of these “to-read” items. On the fortunate side, there is an online service by the name of Instapaper that aims to serve as this “storing place”.

As an online service, it allows you to bookmark and import online posts from the website, or by using the handy bookmarklet. For the iPhone, there are two viewing applications for reading these saved items – a free and paid app.

The free version comes with basic functionality, allowing you to read and delete the articles saved in your account. After refreshing the iPhone app, all of your articles are then saved to the iPhone for offline viewing. The app will even strip out photos and other formatting to give you a simple reading interface.

At $5, Instapaper Pro offers a few more features, including Folders, a dark interface, tilt scrolling, article starring, adjustable font & text sizes, and background updating. The Pro version is almost a must-have with support for folders. With the free version, you do not have access to saved articles placed in folders from the website.

Instapaper is a great online service that saves time and makes reading convenient for you. Articles can be taken on-the-go, and are available wherever you have an internet connection, or anywhere, if you’ve downloaded the saved items to Instapaper on the iPhone. See more about both apps by visiting the app store.

iPhone App Spotlight: Kindle

10 years ago in Contributors, iPhone App Spotlight by John Fuller | 1 Comment

If you don’t feel like paying close to $400 for a Kindle, you’re probably not alone. Lucky for you, Amazon created the Kindle for iPhone app, which is free (if you factor out the cost of the iPhone). Dubbed as a ‘wireless reading device’, the Kindle is an e-book reader with free, built-in 3G connection […]

iPhone App Spotlight: Brushes

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Brushes, by Steve Sprang, made headlines a few weeks ago when the cover of The New Yorker was illustrated using the iPhone app. Unlike most other drawing and “painting” apps available for the iPhone, Brushes introduces more high-end and quality features. It doesn’t come with built-in clipart or gimmicky, fun features, but with more artist-centric […]

iPhone App Spotlight: AT&T myWireless Mobile

10 years ago in Contributors, iPhone App Spotlight by John Fuller | 1 Comment

In a move that many consider belated, AT&T released an iPhone application entitled AT&T myWireless mobile. The application aims at dealing with different functions of managing your AT&T account. Previously, you had to use the full-web interface and Mobile Safari to access your account information by way of, which was a huge pain in […]

iPhone App Spotlight: AP Mobile

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The Associated Press is an international news agency famous for their wire stories. Now, they are one of the forerunners in bringing native news applications to the iPhone with their app, AP Mobile. One of the coolest aspects to AP Mobile is that it allows you to customize the news that you see on the […]

iPhone App Spotlight: Ambiance

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Do you wish that you could fall asleep to the sounds of ocean waves, or relax to the soothing tunes of trickling water? Well, with the iPhone and Ambiance Classic, this wish can easily be granted. There are numerous sounds that can be played, some of which include ‘Coast’, ;City’, ‘Birds – Forest’, ‘Rain – […]

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