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Mountain Lion – Messages

7 years ago in Articles, iPad, iPhone, Reviews by Wardy Miller | No Comments

Messages-OSX-icon.png With the release of Mountain Lion (10.8) Messages (formerly iMessage) is baked into the operating system. What is Messages? Glad you asked. Messages is one of my favorite applications in the new operating system. Using Messages you can “text” with other iCloud users., but that’s not that cool, except these messages show up on ALL of your devices. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac. Personally I am usually in front of my computer and it is easier for me to type a message on my full sized keyboard instead of the little keyboard on my phone.
Messages also has an MMS like feature by that I mean you can send photos, HD video, or any other types of attachments. Unlike a text message, Messages will let you see that the message has been received on the device as well as whether the person is responding.
Now Messages is everywhere. You can start a conversation on your Mac, then continue it on your iPhone or iPad and back. Also from within Messages, you can initiate a FaceTime conversation.
Do you have any favorite Mountain Lion apps, or features? Leave them in the comments.

iBooks Author

7 years ago in Articles, iPad, Reviews by Wardy Miller | No Comments

A few months ago Apple claimed they were going to re-invent education, with that they released iBooks for the iPad, making the backbreaking old method of carting books around in a back pack, and having the ability to put all of your books on a single iPad. At the same time they also released iBooks […]

Zippy BT-500 Review

7 years ago in iPad, iPhone, Reviews by Brent | 1 Comment

Over the Christmas break I got a chance to play with the Azend Zippy BT-500 bluetooth keyboard. I went through a series of emotions about this little thing. Initially, I was not too impressed with how cheap it felt in my hands (like a dollar store toy for my daughter). Mainly, that was just because […]

iOS thoughts

7 years ago in iPad by Wardy Miller | 1 Comment

iOS has been around for a while now. I have been using an iPhone since the first one was released. The iPhone was a revolution to the cell phone industry. Not only did it revolutionize the cell phone market, it also revolutionized what “Smart phones” could do. Then once Apple showed everyone how to use […]

What I want for Christmas

7 years ago in Articles, iPad, iPhone, Neat & Nifty by Brent | No Comments

I was poking around the internet today and added a few interesting things to my wish list. I thought you might find them interesting too. Here’s what I found:

Using the notification center in iOS 5

8 years ago in Articles, How do I?, iPad, iPhone, Tutorials by Brent | No Comments

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