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iPad Pro Accessories

2 years ago in Add-Ons, Apple, Articles, iPad by Wardy Miller | No Comments

iPadPro-Apple-Pencil-SmartKeyboard_PR-PRINTI finally am able to get a chance to write about not only the new 9.7 inch iPad Pro, but to also discuss the new accessories. My college Charlotte Mackie wrote a great review of the iPad Pro itself, and I’m not going to rehash that. My focus for this review will be the iPad Pro specific accessories.
Smart Keyboard – This is similar to the smart cover introduced back with the iPad 2, using magnets to secure the cover to the iPad, as well as shut off the iPad when closed. Now to that add a keyboard that is very comfortable to use. So not only does it function as a stand, but also a very competent keyboard. The use of this keyboard allows for more real estate. The price is $169 for the 12’ model and $149 for the 9.7” model.
Apple Pencil – I waited initially to buy the Apple Pencil. At first I din’t think I would need it as I am far from an artist. I talked to some others that had one and decided to take a shot. I am glad I did. As I stated before I wasn’t buying it to draw anything, I found that hand taking notes it is a great experience. it far easier to take notes with a pencil than to type on the keyboard.Additionally I can also include drawings in my notes as well as mark up PDF’s and other documents . Many applications are “pencil” enabled. for example the native notes app, but I found that my go to notes app is Microsoft’s One Note. If you have the iPad Pro, give the Pencil a shot.

iPad Pro: Features and Quick Rundown

3 years ago in Apple, Articles, iPad by Charlotte Mackie | No Comments

  It’s that time again! Time for another iPad release from Apple; and it’s a good one. We’ve seen a huge range of iPads since their initial release in 2010, from the regular iPad, to the Mini (and everything in between), and now we have the Pro. A larger sized tablet with some impressive features […]

Mobile Security

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When people usually here the words mobile security or computer security, their eyes glaze over and they tune out what is being said. I am going to try to change that. Today we are going to focus on mobile security, if there is any interest after this article I’ll right one about computer security. Mobile […]

Is the Desktop dead?

6 years ago in Apple, Articles, iPad, iPhone by Wardy Miller | 3 Comments

This question has been floating around for a while, and I wanted to weigh in and get your opinion. At all things D, Apple CEO Tim Cook, said that the days of the PC were fading, and everyone wants mobility. Is this true? I’m not sure if it is because I have been working with […]

It’s all about the music

7 years ago in iPad, iPhone, iPhone App Spotlight, Neat & Nifty, Reviews by Wardy Miller | No Comments

If you didn’t know it, I am a big music fan, and I am always looking for a good music app. The iPhone and iPad have the music app that can play your music or any playlists that you have created. You can also use it to create a genius playlist, based off of a […]

New Releases

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This week Apple released iOS6 and an update for Mountain Lion. (Not to mention a little device called the iPhone 5). While I can’t have an iPhone 5 (contract restrictions) I was able to get the other two and I figured I would sit down and share my thoughts. iOS 6 As the name implies […]

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