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Special Characters (Glyphs) in OSX and HTML

10 years ago in Design & Typography, How do I? by Brent | No Comments

One of the things I refer to all the time is the special character shortcuts available in OS X and their HTML equivalents. I love that there’s a keyboard shortcut for just about any one I want to use. The problem is remembering them from time to time (especially the HTML codes). So, I decided to whip out a table with all that I could find online and put it up here at iBAM so I could have quick reference to it and so could you. If there’s something that I missed, feel free to add it in via the comments. We all would love to share in your juicy knowledge. I hope this list proves helpful. Happy characterizing!

I also use this site a lot: CopyPasteCharacter (more…)

iPhone App Spotlight:

10 years ago in Contributors, How do I?, iPhone App Spotlight by John Fuller | 2 Comments

A major disadvantage to the iPhone, so far, has been the lack of ability to watch TV. What’s worse is that online TV sources, such as Hulu, have been based on Flash programming, which isn’t available on the iPhone. The few sources available so far have been less than satisfying. Now, CBS is coming into […]

Updating to Mac OS X 10.5.6

10 years ago in Articles, How do I?, Tutorials, Useful Links by Brent | 2 Comments

This has turned out to be a help post as well as a help me post. I’ll deal with the help part first since it’s the easiest. Have you tried to update your OS X to the latest version (10.5.6) through system update and found yourself staring at a non-moving progress bar forever? Many have […]

Ask iBAM: Yahoo Mail and Transferring iTunes Libraries

10 years ago in Articles, Ask iBAM, Contributors, How do I? by John Fuller | No Comments

Sarah asks: Hi! I just bought an Imac and am having difficulty transferring my itunes library from my pc to my mac. I am transferring from Itunes to an external hard drive using the add to library link in itunes and dragging to applications. I am copying the library using the export function from the […]

Ask iBAM: Getting Photos out of iPhoto

10 years ago in Ask iBAM, How do I? by John Fuller | No Comments

Sam Asks: I’ve been getting used to iPhoto as I’m used to just browsing for pictures in Windows Explorer. Anyway, I let iPhoto copy my images to the iPhoto library. But unlike the iTunes library function which very logically puts music in Artist – Album folders. But the iPhoto library seems to hide my photos […]

Hacking Twitter to get my tracking back

11 years ago in Articles, How do I?, Neat & Nifty by Brent | 1 Comment

I don’t know about you but I have been going through some serious withdrawl ever since Twitter killed the track feature: While I was out at NME this year, I started playing with an idea to attempt to get at least “some” of my tracking back. The idea isn’t perfect (yet) but it at least […]

Unwrapped a new Mac?

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