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Notebook Gift Ideas

10 years ago in Articles, Contributors, Heroic Hardware, Useful Links by John Fuller | 2 Comments

This year, if you’re looking to give someone a gift for a notebook-owning machead, we’ve got some great suggestions:

Belkin lends the switcher a hand (sort of)

11 years ago in Articles, Heroic Hardware, Neat & Nifty by Brent | No Comments

Recently Belkin released news about a new cable to hit the market. They lovingly call it the PC-to-Mac Transfer Kit. So you too can switch from your crusty old PC to a spiffy new Mac easily with this $50 cable from Belkin. Realistically, a simple USB drive would suffice, or even a little nicely worded […]

Costco Liquidating iPods

12 years ago in Heroic Hardware by Brent | No Comments

Just a quick FYI: Costco is working hard to get rid of their iPod inventory to make room for the new iPods released earlier this week. Some pretty nice price cuts are rumored to be in effect. As I hear it they are as follows: 2GB Nano: $49.97 4GB Pink Nano: $99.97 4GB Silver Nano: […]

My iPhone Experience

12 years ago in Heroic Hardware, The Cronicles by Brent | 9 Comments

So here I sit, relaxing in a nice little chair, drinking a frozen Gatorade and watching the lemmings, I mean iPhone fans that had been standing in line for over 2 hours file themselves one by one into the Apple store tonight. I leave my comfy chair only once, and just for a moment, as […]

New MacBook Pro’s released today

12 years ago in Heroic Hardware by Brent | 7 Comments

This morning brings us a brand new release from Apple. MacBook Pro’s have been upgraded. Of course, those of us (like me) who haven’t even had their MBP for a year are a little bummed, but nevertheless, it’s a necessary evil. Some of the more noticeable changes are that they have a new more power […]

Two Weeks with an AppleTV

12 years ago in Heroic Hardware by Brent | 2 Comments

Guest Author: Christopher Ware I’ve had my AppleTV for about two weeks now and thought I would share some of my thoughts on one of Apple’s next big gadgets.

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