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The Iconic Transmit

10 years ago in Articles, Contributors, Essential Apps by John Fuller | 2 Comments

One of the most popular, and most easily recognized, applications for Mac OS X is a FTP application from Panic Software known as Transmit. At version 3.6, Transmit is a slam-dunk Mac app and a must-have for anybody who uses FTP. Transmit has been in existence since the days of Mac OS 9, when the iconic dump truck icon was first introduced. Ever since, a the icon has been replicated and reused by various companies.

Yet, what’s most important in the application is functionality, and Transmit packs many powerful features in a clean and simple interface. At its core, Transmit functions as a fine FTP application for uploading and downloading files. However, it can also connect to WebDAV servers, Amazon’s S3 service, and supports SFTP, SSL, and TLS.

Similar to other applications of the FTP genre, Transmit supports the ability to store and organize favorites for quick access. For even faster uploading, Transmit can upload files by simply dragging them to either a dock icon or dashboard widget. In fact, you can even monitor uploads using the growl support and dock status icon.

For more power, users can take advantage of the built-in Automator actions and Apple Script support. Transmit also integrates your “Favorites” into Spotlight, the system-wide search function built into Mac OS X. Transmit also includes a Quick-Look type feature in which you can preview files, without downloading them. For users with multiple macs, Transmit can sync favorites using MobileMe.

The guys over at Panic have also included the ability for tabbed browsing, so that you can open multiple connections at once. Transmit can also search, set auto-permissions, batch download, and create drag and droplets.

No matter if you’re a budding iWeb user, or advanced coding guru, Transmit is a superb FTP application that is available for $29.95.

A Look at iWork ’09

10 years ago in Articles, Contributors, Essential Apps, Reviews by John Fuller | No Comments

Along with iLife ’09, Apple released iWork ’09 at this past Macworld. While it wasn’t a significant update, I snapped up this newest rendition of the office-style productivity suite. I’m a first time user, and I’ve been using the slew of apps exclusively ever since the week it came out. Pages Pages has been my […]

Keeping a Lock on Your Passwords

10 years ago in Articles, Contributors, Essential Apps, Neat & Nifty, Reviews by John Fuller | No Comments

1Password is a tool that I personally couldn’t live without. It helps you to remember, store, and generate secure passwords – so that you never have to bother with creating or remembering passwords! If you’re like me, you were, or still are, using the same password for everything. It’s incredibly insecure, yet there seems to […]

Essential Menubar Apps

10 years ago in Contributors, Essential Apps, Neat & Nifty, Useful Links by John Fuller | 1 Comment

The menubar, like the dock, is an integral part of Mac OS X. Besides the basic function of providing menus in applications, the Menubar can do a ton. By default, the right side of the menubar displays a clock, the spotlight icon, Airport status, volume, as well as a MobileMe sync status, Time Machine Backup […]

iPhone App Spotlight: Ocarina

10 years ago in Essential Apps, iPhone App Spotlight, Neat & Nifty by John Fuller | 4 Comments

What’s better than an instrument? A virtual one. The ocarina app from Smule is a virtual recreation of what Wikipedia defines as an “ancient flute-like wind instrument”. It’s a nifty time-wasting app that’s packing some pretty sweet features. The playing interface is super simple – four “holes”, or finger positions and a menu button. To […]

Slingshot: Keeping your Files & iTunes Library in Sync

10 years ago in Articles, Contributors, Essential Apps, Reviews by John Fuller | 3 Comments

If you’re like me, you’ve got multiple macs and are constantly switching between them. There are a few things that I like to keep the same across both computers. Slingshot, an app from Martian Technology, promises to take care of this. Slingshot works through publishing folders, or iTunes playlists, and then subscribing to these folders/playlists […]

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