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Giveaway: Low Battery Saver

7 years ago in Articles, Essential Apps, Neat & Nifty by Brent | No Comments

Ever had your MacBook die on you? I know Apple has been so gracious to give us 20 minute warnings but I tend to respond with, “20 minutes? I’ve got time”. Low Battery Saver aims to help us out by giving us better notifications on the time our battery has left. It’s a pretty neat little app.

I’ve got a few copies of Low Battery Saver to give away. If you are interested, just Join My Mailing List and you’ll be set. (don’t worry, I don’t spam people. This list is just for giveaways)

The drawing will be held on Wednesday, Feb 8th, 2012

*Update: The drawing is over and the licenses have been given away. Join my mailing list for future giveaways

The Apple Store iPhone App

8 years ago in Articles, Essential Apps, iPad, iPhone, Neat & Nifty, Reviews by Brent | No Comments

Last night I noticed that my MacBook Pro was acting a little strange so I decided to take it in to the Apple store for a check up. I started to go about the traditional method of booking a genius bar appointment. > Go to… <wait> <wait> <wait> > Go to APPLE.COM!! At that […]

Instagram releases version 2.0

8 years ago in Essential Apps, iPhone, iPhone App Spotlight, Neat & Nifty by Brent | No Comments

Instagram just released version 2.0 of their awesome iPhone app. This HUGE update brings us: Live filters Four new filters Instant tilt-shift High-resolution photos Borders now optional One-click rotation New logo So far I love just about everything. Did they remove the blur depth control for tilt-shift? I’m not seeing it. I really do miss […]

LiveView + iOS Design = Awesome!

8 years ago in Design & Typography, Essential Apps, iPad, iPhone, Reviews by Brent | No Comments

Recently I was contracted to re-design an iPad application. This was a fairly typical UX/UI redesign project where we had to look through an existing application and do the best we could in a fairly short timeframe to restructure the UX and re-design the UI in a manner that could be pulled off by the […]

Wunderlist: Awesome Task Management

8 years ago in Essential Apps, Neat & Nifty, Reviews by Brent | No Comments

There aren’t too many apps in the “Save My Life” category but Wunderlist comes pretty dang close. Once again, here’s an app that is just plain simple and yet superbly awesome at the same time. Wunderlist is a simple to-do application that allows me to sort, assign and manage my to-do items extremely easily. However, […]

Planting Your Code With Coda

10 years ago in Articles, Contributors, Essential Apps by John Fuller | 2 Comments

As someone who works with web design and code on a semi-regular basis, I’m on the hunt for the best tools to produce the finest webpages. After using many different applications, I’ve found my favorite coding environment in Coda. The creators of Transmit, Panic Software, have created a stellar piece web-development software. Taking from their […]

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