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Ask iBam: Best iPhone 1.0 Sales Tips

11 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 8 Comments

Let’s discuss…

Do you have an iPhone 1.0 and wanna get the new one?

I know I sit in that category and I am trying to figure out what to do with my 1.0. I’m sure I can sell it here of via eBay, but the bigger question for me is what in the heck to sell it for? My first thought is maybe half of the new one’s pricing ($100). But do you think I could get $150? And what would people pay extra people pay for the official ‘iBoughtAn’ iPhone? (haha, kidding! no I’m not… seriously though, yes I am!) … haha

I would love your thoughts, as I’m sure the rest of the readers would as well. Open up the discussion. What’s a good quality, great shape iPhone 1.0 worth now?

Ask iBAM: Best Designed Sites on the Net

11 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 3 Comments

*** NOMINATIONS NEEDED *** Ok, so we own Mac’s (most of us) and Mac owners would like to think that we have a little more keen design sense (I’m included and I know we all really know it’s not actually true, but we like to think so and I did say “like” remember?)… Anyway… Let’s […]

Ask iBAM: MacBook Battery Care

11 years ago in Articles, Ask iBAM by Brent | 1 Comment

One of the most searched terms here at iBAM is “MacBook Battery Life” and we have a couple articles on that subject but I know there are some other little battery care tips that I have not stumbled upon across the net, so here’s my “Ask iBAM”… What battery ‘funk’ have you come across with […]

Ask iBAM: Checking Out Your System

11 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 1 Comment

I just got a question from fellow iBAM reader Efrain. Here’s the question: “I wanted to see what the specs were on my Hard Drive for my MacBook Pro. I know it’s supposed to be a 200GB 7200rpm hard drive, but I just wanted to confirm.” At first thought, the easy choice for me was […]

Ask iBAM: Grouping Photos in iPhoto

11 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 4 Comments

I got an email a few days ago for the “Ask iBAM” crew from Bob. Not being a big iPhoto user, I thought I’d share to see what “the crew” knew. Here’s his question: So I have a little question and was wondering if you could help. I keep all of my photos nicely organized […]

Ask iBAM: Posting comments to an iWeb page

11 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 7 Comments

Fellow iBAM’er Ricky sent me a question concerning iWeb pages. I’m not an iWeb user so I thought this would be a great election into the Ask iBAM category. So here’s Ricky’s question: Is there a way that i can receive comments on my web page that i created with iweb and my .mac account. […]

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