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Quick tips for switchers…

10 years ago in Ask iBAM by Wardy Miller | No Comments

One of the questions I get a lot is: “I just bought a Mac and how do I…???? I have found the solution for all the mac noobs out there. It is a site from the guys that bring you Lab Rats, Andy Walker and Sean Carruthers, these guys have both done time on Call for Help with Leo Laporte. They have created a site called, and have put a tutorial site up, that is predominately for Switchers. The site is here.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Ask iBAM: Getting Photos out of iPhoto

10 years ago in Ask iBAM, How do I? by John Fuller | No Comments

Sam Asks: I’ve been getting used to iPhoto as I’m used to just browsing for pictures in Windows Explorer. Anyway, I let iPhoto copy my images to the iPhoto library. But unlike the iTunes library function which very logically puts music in Artist – Album folders. But the iPhoto library seems to hide my photos […]

Ask iBAM: iDisk and iPhone

11 years ago in Ask iBAM, Contributors by Spencer Scott | 2 Comments

The iBAM crew received an e-mail from Carolyn asking: “Do you guys know if a Mac user with an iPhone can access their iDisk? Of is that just from a Mac computer?” This is  a really great question, but it also falls into the “yes and no” category of answers.  You can access your iDisk […]

Ask iBAM: Broken-Off Headphone Jack

11 years ago in Ask iBAM by Cheryl | 8 Comments

Photo Credit: DSCN6654.JPG by basictheory on Flickr The “Ask iBAM” crew got this email a couple days ago from Wes: I recently broke my headphone cord off in the headphone jack of my macbook. I heard an imic would work by plugging it into the usb jack, but when I tried to order the imic […]

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