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Ask iBAM: Help! My Mac is Locked Up & Freaking Out

9 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 3 Comments

I got a question from one of our readers tonight and I thought it would be a good subject for you guys to weigh in on as I don’t think I’m fully capable of answering his questions and solving the issue(s). So that said, here’s Robert’s question:

“All of the sudden, my Mac is freaking out. First, I noticed that it was slowing down an awful lot. Now, I can’t even restart or shut it down normally. Disk Utility isn’t working and I can’t even eject my CD. Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this issue and get my Mac back?”

Thanks in advance!

Ask iBAM: External Monitor Wonky on Wake Up

9 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 1 Comment

Ok, I’m having some real frustrating issues with my new MBP, the Dual link DVI adapter and my 30″ Dell external monitor. Maybe you can help me with a workaround for my issue. Here’s the story… I run my external Dell @ 2560×1600 resolution. Most of the time everything is great, but when I leave […]

My Noisy Fan

9 years ago in Articles, Ask iBAM, The Cronicles by Brent | 4 Comments

My Noisy Fan from Brent Spore on Vimeo. 3 years of owning my Mac with no major issues. JUST after it’s AppleCare expires, it decides to start freaking out.

Ask iBAM: Powerbook Battery Issues

10 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 2 Comments

Fellow iBAM community member Ken, is having some issues with his Powerbook battery and sent me a quiestion for Ask iBAM. Here’s his question: I have a powerbook G4, info below, and wanted to see if there was something I’m doing wrong to cause my battery problems. I bought a new battery because I thought […]

Ask iBAM: 24″ Mac Superdrive

10 years ago in Ask iBAM, Troubleshooting by Brent | 2 Comments

Our friend and fellow reader John, writes: So, I bought my iMac *maybe* 4 months ago. The day after I got it, the SuperDrive crapped out on me. I bought it refurbished, but they guaranteed it to be like new. Anyways, my question is this: I fixed it about 4 times after a disc kept […]

Ask iBAM: Yahoo Mail and Transferring iTunes Libraries

10 years ago in Articles, Ask iBAM, Contributors, How do I? by John Fuller | No Comments

Sarah asks: Hi! I just bought an Imac and am having difficulty transferring my itunes library from my pc to my mac. I am transferring from Itunes to an external hard drive using the add to library link in itunes and dragging to applications. I am copying the library using the export function from the […]

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