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iOS9 New Features

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iOS 8 vs iOS 9 (Image credit:

iOS 8 vs iOS 9 (Image credit:

We’ve learned not to expect too much from Apple’s iOS updates of late; not much has changed since the huge leap between iOS 6 and 7. However, with the fairly recent release of iOS 9, there are a few things of note that are well worth looking into. If you’re a user of iOS 9 and are wondering what’s new on your iPhone or iPad, then just keep on reading.

New features included on iOS 9

Improved security with six digit pass codes: Before the release of iOS9, the standard four digit pass code has been the Apple go to for security. With the iOS9 release, however, the mandatory length for pass codes has been increased to six digits. Yes, it’s two more numbers to remember, but it’s a whole lot more secure!

Draw feature on ‘Notes’

A feature that, oddly, we all seemed to want before we had it. Now, not only can you type away on your ‘Notes’, but you can also draw into them and “hand write” should you so desire. Perhaps not the most functional feature ever, but it’s there all the same!

Alarm quick delete

Remember Apple’s annoying habit of making you go right into an alarm before allowing you to delete it? Well, now you can swipe left and hit delete to get rid of any outdated alarms that you don’t want. Oh, simplicity.

Adjusting your screen sensitivity

Not everyone gets on with their touchscreen the same way, and this can be a bit of a nuisance for some of us. However, with iOS9, you can adjust your screen sensitivity in your “Accessibility” settings, giving you the opportunity to play around with how your phone responds to your touch and make it suit you better.

iPad only features

Apple have introduced some iPad only features into iOS9, so if you have an iPad running this OS, you’ve got some new things to play around with. The features introduced for iPad include a split screen feature, and the ability to watch a video whilst working on other things – good for those of us who like to procrastinate while we work!

Some fun features… Selfie folder! 

Hands up if you’re guilty of the occasional selfie? I see your hands, no hiding! Well, iOS 9 has implemented a folder strictly for selfies which contains only pictures taken with the forward facing camera. No need to go trawling through all those photos of your lunch for your latest selfie now, eh?

New emojis

If there’s one thing we all love about our iPhones, it’s those emojis! A glance at Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or your texts will show you just how much everyone else loves them, too, and with the latest OS update, we have a whole host of new icons to play with, including a unicorn. How did we ever get by before?

Well, that’s a round up of a few of the new features introduced when Apple implemented iOS9, including a few of the fun ones! For a more comprehensive list of iOS9’s new features, why not take a look Tech Radar’s round up of the new OS tweaks? 

What are your favourite features from the latest release of Apple’s OS?

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