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My name is Brent Spore. On November 25th, 2006 at 8:45 pm and I bought a Mac. What have I done? I have been a long time PC advocate for many years due to the fact that my media design firm, Synergy, really got it’s start in 1998 due to the internet boom and the fact that I couldn’t afford my own computer, so I used my roommate’s Gateway Pentium III, 300mhz workstation. At the time, that computer was the bomb and I was ecstatic to have access to it to start my own company.

Fast forward to 2006 and here I am, a semi-successful graphic designer at a firm with nothing but PC’s everywhere. All along, I have blamed my PC loyalty on the excuse that “we do web design and web + Mac just doesn’t mix”, but the line (as we all know) has blurred over the last couple years, plus, I work at a design firm, don’t they all use Macs? Anyway, I have a rockstar of a laptop (Sony VAIO, 3.0mhz P4) that I use for everything, but I have had it for a glorious two years and it is showing it’s age as well as wear from my daily abuse. Windows is starting to act up and the reboots are becoming more and more frequent. Being a long time PC owner, I know the signs of a full system re-install from a mile away and these are definitely it. I am faced with the question, “Do I spend a day re-installing software or learning a new operating system?”

So I download and install Windows Live One Care – Amazing! my laptop sings again! Who needs a Mac? I HAVE A PC and Microsoft is my friend! The beauty, the grace, the … support?

On a parallel path is my daily sales meetings with potential clients. I find myself in a meeting with a client that wants to use our newly built podcast recording studio at Synergy. I open my mouth to say… “And we can even do ENHANCED podcasts, that take podcasting to a whole new level.” The client was sold. “Sign us up”, they said with excitement. “We’ll be there tomorrow to record our first episode.” “Excellent”, I uttered with a hearty handshake, and back to the office I went.

Two days later, I had a podcast recorded and ready to enhance. To my dismay, I discovered that I needed to be a rocket scientist at the least to produce an enhanced podcast on a PC. Remember, I work at a solid media development firm, I should know this stuff. Turns out, what is as easy as point and click in GarageBand, is like brain surgery on a PC. “When did technology pass me by?”, I ask myself. Well… Not to be so easily defeated by a machine, I spend 48 hours (straight), attempting to bend the PC and podcast to my will with no success. With defeat in my heart and badly bloodshot eyes, I stumble into the Apple Store to admit my defeat. Thirty minutes later, I walk out with a brand new, shiny MacBook with no frills or anything special. “Just to make podcasts”, I tell myself, in an attempt to rectify my purchase and first step over to the ‘Dark Side’.

Three hours later (after playing with the OS for a bit), I have a fully produced enhanced podcast with nearly as much comfort as if I was sitting in my (Older model) iJoy chair. I couldn’t believe how easy it was, but I was an oak, I’m a PC man! Until…

One week later when my PC laptop completely crashed and was incapable of starting up. What is a person to do in my position? I have to get a new… something. What do I do?

Yep… I Bought a Mac! I made the jump and here I sit, the day after thanksgiving, posting on a blog that I built this afternoon and commissioned a talented friend to skin for me.

This brings me to my purpose for this site. In my quest to acclimate myself to the new MacBook and the world of Apple I have never known, I find too many places on the internet with information all touting their wares. “What does the new Mac owner do to gain crucial knowledge for the brave new world they have entered?” My desire for this site is to provide a resource for the new Mac owner to find access into the vast, undiscovered labyrinth of the Mac (under)world. My desire for this site is to not only educate myself, but anyone with a desire to take the plunge as I have and “Buy a Mac” for the first time.

As a Mac noob myself, I welcome links and information to help me on my journey as well as contact from individuals on the same path as myself. Additionally, if you are stopping by and are a Mac veteran, please let me know you stopped by. I would love to hear your stories and tips. If you are interested, maybe you would like to be an author here at iBoughtAMac.com. Lord knows, I’m not the expert! … Yet!

All in all, thanks for stopping by, I look forward to connecting with you soon!

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