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yosemiteYosemite has been out for some time now so I figured I’d write down some thoughts. I am going to stay away from any of the features that integrate with iOS and keep this a strict Yosemite review.

The first thing you will notice is the new interface. It has gone to a flatter look and gotten away from the 3-D icons. I have heard more than my share of complaints about this. My only response is, how long should we use the 3-D dock? I appreciate the change in the dock. To me it makes no sense to redo the rest of the interface and leave the dock untouched.  The font it the same throughout the entire system. (To be honest it wasn’t something I ever noticed, until I had to pay attention). Translucency is a nice effect to help focus you on your content.

The controls in the top left, (the traffic light) FINALLY work. Now the green button will actually take an application full screen.

Most of the built in applications have gotten some love. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • Markup – One of the coolest new functions is the markup ability on photos. Using Markup you can add text, arrows, magnification and more.
  • Mail Drop – Mail Drop allows you to send attachments up to 5 GB in size. If you are mailing to someone else using a Mac, it will appear to them as though the attachment came with it. But if you send a large mail to anyone else, it will change the attachment to a link that they can download the attachment from.
  • Safari

  • Safari got one of the most noticeable interface changes.
  • There is a new tab view that displays all of your open tabs, and it also show you the open tabs on your other devices, such as any other Macs, or your iOS devices.
  • Now instead of heading to a favorites menu, you simply click on your address bar and it displays all of your favorites.
  • From within the address bar you can search and it will also provide you with Spotlight suggestions.
  • Safari now sports the best battery life of any browser. (Up to 2 hours more surfing time)
  • Spotlight

  • Spotlight is one of the apps that we are told is improved on every version of OS X. This time they really did it. Now not only does it search all the files on you Mac, it will also search the local dictionary, Wikipedia and more.
  • The speed increase is also very noticeable, and welcome.
  • Not only does Spotlight find files, but it will also look inside the file and present those files to you.
  • I’ll be putting an iOS 8 review together, than a write up just about the new ecosystem.
    These are my favorite features. Let’s hear what your favorites are in the comments.

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