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vehoToday I am going to be reviewing the Veho 360 BluTooth Wireless speaker. I usually test all of the Bluetooth devices with my iPhone, but in addition to my iPhone I also paired it with my MacBook Air. The speakers in the air aren’t bad, but I wanted to see what kind of performance I could get out of this little device. I was pleasantly surprised. The overall sound was very good, and lasted about 6 hours with a full charge. The Veho has enough power to sound good in a decent sized room, the sound is clear and the controls on top of the device allow you to control iTunes on my MBA as well as the music app on my iPhone. Another cool addition is the ability to play audio directly from up to a 16GB Micro SD card, in either MP3 or WMV formats. The Veho also has a line in jack for devices that don’t have bluetooth like some older iPods.
The bottom line: I really like the Veho 360s sound and price of $40.49 USD. If I have one complaint is there isn’t a lot of bass, but the overall sound is great and I would recommend it for anyone in the market for a small, convenient speaker system.

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