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hiveToday I want to talk about headphones. I have had some really nice headphones, this includes the latest from Apple the EarPods. While all of the in-ear headphones have pretty good sound quality, there are times I don’t like having something inside my ear. Wen I am at work, I’m permitted to listen to music as long as I use headphones as not to bother those around me that can’t appreciate Led Zeppelin (not that I think anyone in the world can’t but that is for another story.) and the progression went something like this. First I had the ear buds that came with the original iPhone, from there I went to a pair of Skullcandy ear buds, then to the Apple EarPods. All of these sounded good enough, but after wearing them for 8 hours they got to be a little painful. 

Then I tried a pair of Avantree Hive Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones. While these have all of the sound quality that I want, they are extremely comfortable.In addition to great sound, they have a built in mic, that works well with Siri in my iPhone 5. They are easy enough to charge, as they come with a USB charging cable. Additionally, the headphones also come with a 3.5mm audio cable which allows you to connect the headphones to your mobile device through a cable if the battery were to die, and still allowing you to still listen to your music without pairing to your device through bluetooth. I have tried using them many different ways. I paired them with my MacBook Air, my iPhone and have even used them plugged into my iPod Shuffle. and each had great sound. On of the things I really liked is there isn’t a lot of buttons on the headphones, just a play/pause button, o phone link button (to engage Siri or answer incoming calls) a volume control and an On/Off switch. I am big fan of simplicity. Pairing the device was as simple as it could be. I really only have one complaint (if you can call it that), is that it takes quite a while to charge via USB, but once I got into the habit of plugging them in at the end of the day, I am good to go.

The Bottom Line: I really enjoy using these headphones. The price isn’t as high as I have paid for other headphone that I enjoyed much less. These are only $40.49 USD. I would recommend that if you are looking for over the ear headphones you defiantly give these a shot.

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