Steve Jobs’ Seven Tips for Success

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Magic Carpet Vortex, Digital Painting by Michael LaPenna (Michael is heavily inspired by Jobs' vision)

“Think different.”
– Apple tagline/slogan

Hello again citizens of Apple-onia. I originally posted these seven gems elsewhere and they likely have been rehashed and “refurbished” a million gigs over since the news of Steve Jobs’ passing. But nonetheless, they hold true today, if not truer than they did in the days of our friend Steve’s garage genius in the early 80s. They are as I said in another blog,  a “conglomeration of Apple-lonious wisdom from the iKing” taken taken from various interviews, speeches and book quotations and amongst other things a blog that I found at Special thanks go to William and Teri once again.

1. Do what you love-don’t settle, passion is everything. Do it because you love it.

2. Put a dent in the universe. Develop a clear and concise vision. Have the courage to follow your heart.

3. Say no to a thousand things. Focus. Reduce the clutter, make it simple. Get the spark back. Simplicity =
having only a half dozen people you consult with.

4. Kick start your brain by doing something new. Develop an inquiring mind. Unexpected connections. The apple stores are based on the four seasons.

5. Sell dreams, not products. Re-think something as an entirely new experience. (Example: the iPhone revolutionized the telephone experience.)

6. Create insanely great experiences. Innovate by creating an extraordinary consumer experience. (Note how shopper friendly any Apple Store is.)

7. Master the message. Steve re-invented the phone. It ‘s all about how well you communicate.

Steve Jobs was a genius, a perfectionist — the ultimate visionary. Steal his secrets, he expects it!.

Steve once said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

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