How to Watch Netflix on Safari for Windows

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There are right now millions of you who are likely to be reading this post giving your humble blogger a screwfaced WTF through the waves of cyberland and saying curiously to yourself, “Why in the name of Steve the Apple Emperor is this guy daring to speak anything about a PC when this is clearly a freakin’ Mac blog?” Unfortunately, minions, there may be a fleeting few million people who have not known the self-actualizing epiphanic joys of Macdom but who have taken the first step by converting to a Safari browser on their PC. They love its ease of use and customizability but alas, Netflix is telling them that their new beloved is not compatible with the movie player they love like Garfield loves lasagna… gasp!

**Here’s a little trick to make your Windows Safari Browser work with Netflix’s Silverlight Player:

Go to the top right side of your address bar. You will see two small icons one that looks like a peice of paper and one that looks like gear wheel. Each has a drop menu. Left click the gear and scoll to “Show Menu Toolbar.”

2. When you see the toolbar, click the gear icon again an scroll to “Preferences” after which a pop-up menu will appear.

3. Click “Advanced” on the top far right of pop-up menu.

4. Next, the check box on the bottom of the pop-up screen that says, “Show Develop in menu bar.”

5. Finally, click “Develop” and scroll to “User Agent” and select “Mac – Safari 5.0.5.” (or whichever is the highest version available).

6. Go to and enjoy movie magic!

Come back for my next post on iPad art aps!

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