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Photography is a hobby of mine, and like many others who enjoy sharing their photos, Flickr has become the common place to upload, share, and view all types of photos.  While the Flickr website displays fine on the iPad, I like the use of apps because it is just focused on making the experience better in my opinion.  While searching for a good Flickr application I came across FlickStackr, and have been using it daily ever since.

This is not an over-complicated app by any means, but it does what it is supposed to well.  That is, displaying images from Flickr in an easy to use format.  While it works in both portrait or landscape mode, landscape will obviously give you the best experience.  This has the so-called standard layout of the menus on the left, and a large viewing area on the right of the iPad.  Whether you are displaying photos from your own gallery, groups you are a member of, or just general browsing, you can view images in either a list or gallery style.

Picture 2.jpg

Browsing in the gallery mode you will now have the thumbnails on the left, and a larger gallery image on the right, and clicking a button will give you the detailed view where you can add/view comments, see tags, and find the location on a map.  FlickStackr also gives you the option to open in Safari, share view e-mail, add to favorites, or send to a Stack.  Stacks are basically a favorites area where you can send photos for viewing at a later time, even off-line if you choose.


And an added bonus is that you can upload pictures to Flickr right from FlickStackr.  You still have the same options to add information to your upload as you would by uploading via the website.  All in all this is a great application for browsing (and uploading) images to Flickr.  It only costs $0.99 and it is designed for both the iPad and the iPhone.

FlickStackr (iTunes Link)

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