Ask iBAM: External Monitor Wonky on Wake Up

9 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 1 Comment

Ok, I’m having some real frustrating issues with my new MBP, the Dual link DVI adapter and my 30″ Dell external monitor. Maybe you can help me with a workaround for my issue. Here’s the story…

I run my external Dell @ 2560×1600 resolution. Most of the time everything is great, but when I leave the computer for a while, the screensaver comes on and eventually the MBP shuts off the monitor. This is where my issue takes place. SOMETIMES when I come back and move my mouse, everything turns on as expected but more often than not, I am thrown into this really wacked display. It’s as though the screen image is doubled on itself. There are vertical bands of rainbow color and scatter pixels across the whole width and it’s nearly impossible to see anything on the screen. I have found 2 ways to resolve the issue.

1. Unplug the mini-DVI for a couple seconds and plug it back in. This (as you probably know) isn’t the best solution because unplugging a monitor from your computer while it is on isn’t “advised”. So…

2. Struggle to find my mouse’s way up to the resolution/monitor icon in the taskbar and switch the resolution to 1280×800. This flickers the screen and comes back visible where I can then change the resolution to 2560×1600 with no issue. Then, however, I have to un-resize and un-rearrange all the windows I had open. This is really a pain.

So here’s my question… Is there a way to 1. completely avoid this issue all together? or 2. is there an easier way than method 2 above that doesn’t involve switching resolutions and OS X resizing and rearranging all my windows?

You guys are the smartest mega Mac brain I know. I trust and believe we can find the answer. Can you help me? Please!!!

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