iPad – My Initial Impressions

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[before you ditch this article, please add your iPad thoughts in the comments. We have a couple months before this thing is available, let’s chat about it]

Did you see Steve’s presentation today? I didn’t as I was in route to a client meeting. Nevertheless I have read the reviews, gawked at the images and soaked up your tweets as much as any human could in my position. I have a couple thoughts about this whole iPad thing…

1. “Magical” really? Since when did magical come into marketing lingo again? It’s not all THAT magical (in my humble opinion), since we have had the iPhone and iPod Touch for several years now but ok, whatever floats your boat.

2. It’s just a big iPod Touch!!! I am just as big of an Apple enthusiast as the next guy but there’s nothing in this big device different from an iPod Touch other than size, right?

3. ok, yeah, it’s friggin sexy! I do love the sleek, sexy, awesome opportunities this larger iPod offers. I’m a dreamer and I honestly do believe in it’s future.

4. No Multitasking?!?!? WTF!?! You expect me to read my email, website, ebook, RSS feed, or whatever WITHOUT at least listening to Pandora or Last.fm? This is worth $500+ … not so sure.


6. Where’s my iSight? I could live without the forward facing camera (for a bit) but a letter sized iSomething without video iChat capabilities?? What the heck were you thinking??


I say #7 just to set the record straight. I most likely won’t be buying THIS version of the iPad but I do believe in the steps that Apple has made to bring this to market. It’s got all the promise of the iPhone and all the awesome that is Apple mixed with the (hopefully not last) bit of pepper Mr. Jobs has to bring to the planet. I’m all over this innovation and can’t wait to get one, but I can wait till at the very least, it gets an iSight.

That’s all I got, add your juice below…

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