iPhone App Spotlight: PicPosterous

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Posterous.com is a service gaining popularity.  It specifically notes that it is not a micro-blogging service, but a site which lets you post pictures, blogs, videos, etc. by sending it through e-mail or other means such as the app we are discussing today.  I use Posterous to post images from my iPhone, camera, and images from the web.  Take a look at my page to get an idea of how it looks.

While there are several ways to upload your images to your Posterous page, if you have an iPhone then the PicPosterous app is a must-have.  The app itself is simple, it is designed to do one thing, and that is to post images to your Posterous page.  You don’t even need a Posterous account to post, but by registering you can do additional things like have multiple sites, auto-posting to Twitter, Facebook, etc., and more.


As I said, the app is simple and straightforward.  Either take a new picture with your iPhone, or upload an image from your library.  It will then upload to your Posterous page.  The app also lets you maintain and manage albums in which you can tag, auto-post, and do more with your images.

If you have a Posterous site, or are thinking about one, grabbing this app is worthwhile.

PicPosterous – iTunes link (free)

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