Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac

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I spent the day test driving Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac, and I must say that it was time well spent. DVD creator is similar to iDVD, but it takes it to the next level of simplicity. (If that makes any sense).

The Wondershare DVD Creator was a pleasure to use. The interface is extremely intuitive, with no instruction I was able to start immediately encoding, and burning a DVD. The application, was able to encode, a quicktime movie file to mpeg format pretty quick.

The beauty of this application is everything is where you expect it to be, from adding the the movie content to creating the menu, the entire process is very satisfying. The price is also very enjoyable. $39.00 for a download version and $49.00 for the CD version. The site can be found here.

While I am an Apple fan, and I do own iLife 09, Wondershare DVD Creator beats iDVD hands down. Applications like this are the reason I switched to Macintosh in the first place.

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