Special Characters (Glyphs) in OSX and HTML

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One of the things I refer to all the time is the special character shortcuts available in OS X and their HTML equivalents. I love that there’s a keyboard shortcut for just about any one I want to use. The problem is remembering them from time to time (especially the HTML codes). So, I decided to whip out a table with all that I could find online and put it up here at iBAM so I could have quick reference to it and so could you. If there’s something that I missed, feel free to add it in via the comments. We all would love to share in your juicy knowledge. I hope this list proves helpful. Happy characterizing!

I also use this site a lot: CopyPasteCharacter





option – ] ‘ left single quote
option – shift – ] ’ right single quote
‚ single low-9 quote
option – [ “ left double quote
option – shift – [ ” right double quote
option – shift – w „ double low-9 quote
option – t † dagger
option – shift – 7 ‡ double dagger
option – ; horizontal ellipsis
option – shift – r ‰ per mill sign
option – shift – 3 ‹ single left-pointing angle quote
option – shift – 4 › single right-pointing angle quote
? ♠ black spade suit
? ♣ black club suit
? ♥ black heart suit
? ♦ black diamond suit
? ‾ overline, = spacing overscore
? ← leftward arrow
? ↑ upward arrow
? → rightward arrow
? ↓ downward arrow
option – 2 ™ trademark sign
" double quotation mark
& & ampersand
< &lt; less-than sign
> &gt; greater-than sign
[ left square bracket
] right square bracket
option – hyphen &ndash; en dash
option – shift -hyphen &mdash; em dash
&nbsp; nonbreaking space
¡ option – 1 &iexcl; inverted exclamation
¢ option – 4 &cent; cent sign
£ option – 3 &pound; pound sterling
¤ &curren; general currency sign
¥ option – y &yen; yen sign
¦ &brvbar; or &brkbar; broken vertical bar
§ option – 6 &sect; section sign
¨ option – shift – u &uml; or &die; umlaut
© option – g &copy; copyright
ª option – 9 &ordf; feminine ordinal
« option – &laquo; left angle quote
¬ option – l &not; not sign
­ &shy; soft hyphen
® option – r &reg; registered trademark
¯ &macr; or &hibar; macron accent
° option – shift – 8 &deg; degree sign
± option – shift – = &plusmn; plus or minus
² &sup2; superscript two
³ &sup3; superscript three
´ option – shift – e &acute; acute accent
µ option – m &micro; micro sign
option – 7 &para; paragraph sign
· option – shift – 9 &middot; middle dot
¸ option – shift – z &cedil; cedilla
¹ &sup1; superscript one
º option – 0 &ordm; masculine ordinal
» option – shift – &raquo; right angle quote
¼ &frac14; one-fourth
½ &frac12; one-half
¾ &frac34; three-fourths
¿ option – shift – ? &iquest; inverted question mark
À option – ` A &Agrave; uppercase A, grave accent
Á option – e A &Aacute; uppercase A, acute accent
 option – i A &Acirc; uppercase A, circumflex accent
à option – n A &Atilde; uppercase A, tilde
Ä option – u A &Auml; uppercase A, umlaut
Å option – shift – a &Aring; uppercase A, ring
Æ option – shift – ‘ &AElig; uppercase AE
Ç option – shift – c &Ccedil; uppercase C, cedilla
È option – ` E &Egrave; uppercase E, grave accent
É option – e E &Eacute; uppercase E, acute accent
Ê option – i E &Ecirc; uppercase E, circumflex accent
Ë option – u E &Euml; uppercase E, umlaut
Ì option – ` I &Igrave; uppercase I, grave accent
Í option – e I &Iacute; uppercase I, acute accent
Î option – i I &Icirc; uppercase I, circumflex accent
Ï option – u I &Iuml; uppercase I, umlaut
Ð &ETH; uppercase Eth, Icelandic
Ñ option – n N &Ntilde; uppercase N, tilde
Ò option – ` O &Ograve; uppercase O, grave accent
Ó option – e O &Oacute; uppercase O, acute accent
Ô option – i O &Ocirc; uppercase O, circumflex accent
Õ option – n O &Otilde; uppercase O, tilde
Ö option – u O &Ouml; uppercase O, umlaut
× &times; multiplication sign
Ø option – shift – o &Oslash; uppercase O, slash
Ù option – ` U &Ugrave; uppercase U, grave accent
Ú option – e U &Uacute; uppercase U, acute accent
Û option – i U &Ucirc; uppercase U, circumflex accent
Ü option – u U &Uuml; uppercase U, umlaut
Ý &Yacute; uppercase Y, acute accent
Þ &THORN; uppercase THORN, Icelandic
ß option – s &szlig; lowercase sharps, German
à option – ` a &agrave; lowercase a, grave accent
á option – e a &aacute; lowercase a, acute accent
â option – i a &acirc; lowercase a, circumflex accent
ã option – n a &atilde; lowercase a, tilde
ä option – u a &auml; lowercase a, umlaut
å option – a &aring; lowercase a, ring
æ option – ‘ &aelig; lowercase ae
ç option – c &ccedil; lowercase c, cedilla
è option – ` e &egrave; lowercase e, grave accent
é option – e e &eacute; lowercase e, acute accent
ê option – i e &ecirc; lowercase e, circumflex accent
ë option – u e &euml; lowercase e, umlaut
ì option – ` i &igrave; lowercase i, grave accent
í option – e i &iacute; lowercase i, acute accent
î option – i i &icirc; lowercase i, circumflex accent
ï option – u i &iuml; lowercase i, umlaut
ð &eth; lowercase eth, Icelandic
ñ option – n n &ntilde; lowercase n, tilde
ò option – ` o &ograve; lowercase o, grave accent
ó option – e o &oacute; lowercase o, acute accent
ô option – i o &ocirc; lowercase o, circumflex accent
õ option – n o &otilde; lowercase o, tilde
ö option – u o &ouml; lowercase o, umlaut
÷ &divide; division sign
ø option – o &oslash; lowercase o, slash
ù option – ` u &ugrave; lowercase u, grave accent
ú option – e u &uacute; lowercase u, acute accent
û option – i u &ucirc; lowercase u, circumflex accent
ü option – u u &uuml; lowercase u, umlaut
ý &yacute; lowercase y, acute accent
þ &thorn; lowercase thorn, Icelandic
ÿ option – u y &yuml; lowercase y, umlaut

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