Mac Heist 3

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Many Mac users will find a use for at least one of the applications offered in the Mac Heist bundle, because they have a little bit of everything for a great price. $39.00 US. This is a very small price to pay for $600.00 + dollars worth of applications.

One of the great examples is Picturesque. Picturesque is a great application that does simple editing of pictures, without any advanced knowledge, such as that required to run Photoshop, while still enhancing your photographs at a near professional level.

Another offering is Wiretap Studio. WireTap Studio is a fantastic application if you would like to create a podcast. With wiretap it is possible to capture a skype call in order to do interviews without needing a massive setup. I could go on and on about all of the apps offered, but I think you need to see them for yourself. Simply go to and check out all the applications you get for $39.00. Just remember that there is a time limit, as of this writing there are only 12 days left, as an additional incentive, 25% of the price goes to charity. Now you can’t beat that, you get some great software at a great price, while contributing to charity.

Did I mention that all the applications are FULL versions, not trial or shareware. I can’t stress what a good deal this is, so hurry over to and get yours, but remember only 12 days left.

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