Doctor Dramatization?

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Okay, so this isn’t Mac related in the slightest but I just had to post something. Here I am @ 2am working away and I have the TV on. On comes a commercial that catches my funny bone. Some commercial that starts off with an extreme close up of a guy that starts talking about some new disease or something. Now before you start grabbing your torches and pitchforks, this shot was fonted in the lower third with the words “Doctor Dramatization” … Um…

Since when does a disease (or anything for that matter) get away with a doctor dramatization? Aren’t diseases something serious? I mean it’s not like I can say…

“Oh sorry officer, I was participating in a speeding dramatization”


“Oops… I didn’t know I had to pay for that, I was doing a shoplifting dramatization”


“Those aren’t mine, it’s a drug trafficking dramatization”


Who buys this stuff? Like I’m going to let some actor tell me that some sort of experimental drug is safe and think it’s ok? I’m sorry, I have a problem with all these drug commercials. If they can get away with actors dramatizing as truthful, knowledgeable, doctors then I should be able to do my own dramatizations without fear of repercussions. Right?

Heck yeah it’s ridiculous! so knock it off advertising dudes! Where’s the truth today anyway?

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