iBAM’s Pixel Pals

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What are Pixel Pals? We’re glad you asked…

Pixel Pals are those bold, brave and beautiful individuals that have joined the ever coveted ranks of the iBAM support staff. Through their simple donation they have earned a spot in the Pixel Pal Hall of Fame conveniently located to the left in the sidebar of iboughtamac.com. This prestigious placement has given them a right to hold their chin high, shout aloud to the world “I Bought a Mac!” and have a deeper sense of self worth and personal satisfaction.

Are you one of the elite few that dare to grace the depths of the sacred sidebar? If you dare to dream the extreme, then all you need to do to be a part, is pop on over to PayPal and add your name to the list (with your $15/month donation – It’s how we pay for hosting of this colossal beast we call iBAM). All that’s left at that point is to send us your 16×16 favicon image (PNG, JPG & GIF only please) and we’ll put you in the ranks to the left. Just remember, we reserve the right to accept or deny who we choose as well as limit the ranks to as many as we see fit.

Still have the courage? Then you may proceed and our sincere thanks will be eternally yours!

Unwrapped a new Mac?

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