Stephen Colbert’s “Spore Report”

11 years ago in Friends of iBAM by Brent | No Comments

While watching “The Colbert Report” last night, I was greeted by an unexpected surprise. Mr. Colbert did an entire show on me! I grabbed a couple of the choice moments and compiled them into a quick clip for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy…

[QUICKTIME 238 194]

I never thought my last name would be used for anything more than a crappy joke. (i.e. “Everyone likes Brent cuz he’s a real … fungi”) But apparently, Mr. Colbert just can’t get enough of me. Do you blame him? I guess I was wrong. Now Stephen, I have been wrong before, but only once, my friend, and I was sleeping at the time so it doesn’t even really count.

Thank you sir for the kind words, I’m a HUGE fan of your “little show” as well.

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