Troubleshooting Sticky Keys & Mouse Keys

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Fellow iBAM’er Jeff sent me an email recently and I thought it fitting to throw it on the table here to see if you guys can help find his solution. Here’s his email:

I bought the new Imac 20inch desktop, the 1st Apple I ever owned… Problem I have is a bit unknown possibly to most because I’m a disabled person that uses [Universal Access] “Sticky Keys” & “mousekeys” for my mouse over on the Numeric keypad to navigate and Click — and always before on [Windows] the [double click key] was the key — right of the [ 6 ] key which is [ + ] on Windows & Mac, left click key is Always the [ 5 ] key on the Numeric Keypad, Right click is [control] + [ 5 ] keys …when I click the [ + ] (double click) it opens up the Spotlight Search? …using Fire Fox browser clicking it brings up status bar [Find]?

I’ve searched and read anything and everything I could find, My problem remains unsolved,
I hope you can help me and other disabled persons that may have the same problem as I,



As always, thanks to all in advance


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