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11 years ago in Hot News, iBAM Podcast by Brent | 6 Comments

tv.jpgI’m finally catching up from PodCamp AZ and the first thing on my list is to kick iBAM up a notch or two. I plan on doing this by adding a semi-frequent video podcast to the list. Today, my goal is to begin the process by picking up some cheap lights and some sort of backdrop. Then I will build some foam boards for sound control (I already have the foam, I just need the boards). I have mics and most the equipment I need to make the show and I’ll log it all to the site here so you can see what I’m doing to build the set, etc…

Here’s where you come in… I need ideas like mad. I think I’m gonna open up the iBAM discussion board bbPress module so you can submit ideas and we can all discuss ideas for the show. I’m willing to take this as far as you are willing to participate so let’s start here with some comments for your thoughts and ideas and we’ll grow from there. iBAM has always been about the community, so I need your 2 cents!

I’m pretty stoked about the show idea, I’ll keep you posted on my progress. We’ll see what comes out.

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