Old Glory: Adam Betts Style

11 years ago in Design & Typography, Essential Apps by Brent | No Comments

First, let me begin by saying that I have been an Adam Betts fan for quite a while now. His artwork is simply stunning and endlessly inspiring for me. I visit his site often to see what new eye candy he has published. Back in May (or June maybe), I installed his flag pack (really only one of them) for the Old Glory screensaver and have had it running the apple logo flag as my screensaver ever since. The other day while sitting in a coffee shop, I was chatting with another Mac user when my screensaver came on to my laptop screen. I was greeted by a “Wow! Where’d you get that?” I promptly informed him and he started downloading. The incident immediately reminded me that I hadn’t shared the information via iBAM either and I should do so in case there were others that might have interest as well. So here it is, the link to Adam Betts’ Old Glory flag images post and his brief tutorial on how to install them. Enjoy!

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