Uploading photos from your iPhone to Facebook

11 years ago in Ask iBAM by Brent | 62 Comments

Here’s another user question I received from iBAM reader, Khara. Seeing that I don’t have my iPhone yet, I thought I’d throw it out to you guys to chew on. Any help for Khara?

I have an iphone and facebook question. How do I send mobile uploads to facebook from my iphone? Sure, sounds like it would be easy, just e-mail to photos@facebook.com or notes@facebook.com. However, when I send a photo to photos@facebook.com, it sends through my e-mail on my phone, so a message from facebook gets sent to me that reads:

“Sorry, we cannot support uploads sent via email. You sent from Yahoo. If you are sending from a phone, it must be configured to send directly.”

I googled my little heart out but couldn’t get the answer. Surely someone else has this problem.

Thanks for your time,


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