My iPhone Experience

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So here I sit, relaxing in a nice little chair, drinking a frozen Gatorade and watching the lemmings, I mean iPhone fans that had been standing in line for over 2 hours file themselves one by one into the Apple store tonight. I leave my comfy chair only once, and just for a moment, as an Apple employed cameraman comes by to ask if he could take a picture of me in my iBAM shirt. I say yes, he says “That’s the best shirt I’ve seen all day”, I feel good about myself and return to my chair. In a way, I feel bad for these brave soles, most of them look like it’s Christmas morning, dancing and smiling for the TV cameras, digital photographers and multiple interviewers standing outside the line divider ropes that feed them into the store like cattle. “iPhone BABY!”, shouts one fan and cheering follows down the long line around the outside of the building. Some had been there all day, braving the Phoenix heat, others had paid good money for front of the line placement. I watched in amazement as very few walked out of the store with just one phone to themselves. One gentleman had four of them and quite a bounce in his step as he pranced away. I could only imagine that he was a captain of an eBay bound pirate ship, looking to make a pretty profit on the digital high seas. I wondered to myself, is it really worth all this excitement?

Not too long later, I finish my Gatorade and after a nice conversation with another Apple store photographer, realize that the entire line was gone and everyone in it had been served (all 500+ of them). I decide to stroll in to the store to play with an iPhone for myself. Now, I have to admit that I was completely impressed with just about every potential aspect and strongly felt the tug to purchase. I grab one of the 5,000 sales people in the store and curiously ask if they had any left after the rush of the “lemmings”. He informed me that they had plenty and there was no danger of them running out tonight or any time soon . I chuckled to myself as I was reminded of “Captain eBay” and the “Lemmings” from a little earlier. He wouldn’t divulge just how many they had, but it sounded like a lot. Nevertheless, 2 hours in line, pay for a place, sell ’em on eBay??? I’ll just leave is as I was glad I wasn’t any of “those guys”.

Anyway, I decide to send a quick email to Derek and ask for his thoughts only to find him “rather impressed” and somewhat embarrassed about it too. Next, I receive a Twitter from Shaun (via his new iPhone) and the tug of the gadget envy gets all the more intense. I start to walk through the store looking at accessories as I debate the subject at hand silently to myself. I fend off four more “Can I help you find anything” employees, pause for a moment and then begin my slow approach to the genius bar for the purchase. I am ready to take the plunge! In not more than a minute or two, I am next in line and suddenly a wave of clarity comes over me. I promptly turn and walk away, deciding to sleep on it. And as quickly as I had walked in, I walked out without spending a dime. “I’ll take this one up again tomorrow”, I think to myself, and try to get to my car before I doubt this decision too.

Now after returning home and reading some feeds, I receive some consolation from JoeTV and discover that as I may not share all of Mr. Pirillo’s reasons, I do share quite a few of them and think that a little more time is surely necessary to make a good decision. After all, I don’t NEED the iPhone, I just want it really bad and that’s just not a good enough reason to drop $700 (you gotta get the accessories) on something that has never been tested by the general population yet.

Continuing through the feeds, I start to sift through some of the wreckage of the day and have this to say: “As much as it pains me to not hold an iPhone of my very own in my hand tonight, I think waiting is going to be the best plan for me right now.” And that’s how it is … (at least for now anyway, who knows what I’ll think in the morning).

Now you know where I stand, where are you at?

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