iBAM TalkCast #1

11 years ago in iBAM Podcast by Brent | 7 Comments


Well… We just finished our first iBoughtAMac TalkShoe Podcast. I have to admit, it went better than expected, but there’s definitely room for improvement. I want to thank everyone who listened in and participated. I had a great time, learned a lot and will be looking forward to the next one so I can improve upon the craziness. All in all, I think it went well, but being the freak for perfection that I can be, I know I’m gonna pick it apart like mad when I listen back to it. Anyway, I am glad we did it and really excited about the next one. If you want to listen, you can do it here. If you would like to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes, you can do it right here. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll catch ya next time.

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