iBAM on TalkShoe?

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Okay… so this kinda freaks me out, but I’m down if you guys are. What do you think about a iBAM TalkShoe podcast this Saturday?

  • We’re set for Saturday @ 2pm EST
  • Will you call in?
  • What should we talk about?
  • How do you work TalkShoe?

Sometimes I think I am a freaking idiot for the things I do “out loud” but that’s the fun of social media isn’t it? Anyway, I will work to make it interesting and if you guys could add some suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. Bring the friends, questions, thoughts and general stuff. It’s official… I Bought a Mac Podcast is on the air (what have I done?). Right now, we’re scheduled for Saturday, May 5th @ 2pm EST. Can you join me?

Here’s a tip: It took me a month to get TalkShoe working on my Mac and the whole issue was because my HD was named “Brent’s HD” – If you are having issues with getting TalkShow to run on your Mac, start by making sure your HD doesn’t have an apostrophe in it’s name. That took me a month to figure out, maybe I can save you the trouble. (I hope so anyway)

iBoughtAMac Podcast, good idea or bad?

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