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For the most part, Apple started out as a brand for professionals, creating technology aimed for use in the workplace of the professional. In recent years, however, their products have increasingly been aimed at the mass market, with focus on wide production and an appeal to the younger market which they’ve been incredibly successful with. With that being said, Apple Inc. products are still perfectly useable for the professional, and here are some of the products I think are great!

Apple products perfect for professional users. (Royalty free image from:

Apple products perfect for professional users. (Royalty free image from:

The iMac

This may be a given as it’s essentially ‘just’ a desktop computer. The competition between Apple and Microsoft is strong when it comes to who makes the best professional computers, and Apple often loses. However, the iMac is great for professional use. The pared down design of the iMac, paired with a crisp, clear screen and a high performance processing power makes the iMac a top choice for the desks of professionals everywhere. They’re reliable devices, last a long time and stay pretty consistent through their lifetime making them well worth the extra money you put into them at purchase.


Again, perhaps a given but I think that many people tend to forget about MacBooks and favour their desktop iMac for professional purposes. The same good qualities of the iMac ring true for the MacBooks, though; they have a clear display, high processing power and again are consistent through their lifetimes – which are actually quite long considering laptops barely last five minutes these days!

The MacBooks, particularly the Air, are good for taking on the go as they’re so much lighter than many laptops on the market. There are also many options for cross-device syncing between your Apple devices, which is always a handy features if your work is predominantly computer based and there are always files you just can’t be without.

Hands up if you’ve ever thought typing on a touchscreen was a pain? I know I have! Since the first release of the iPad, though, Apple have been changing that. Whether you’ve got a Mini, a regular iPad, a spin off model and soon the Pro, they’re a joy to type on. And with the wealth of productivity apps available on the App Store, they’re fully functional professional devices.

Now, I’m not suggesting you forgo a desktop or laptop in favour of an iPad, but keep in mind that as additional tools, they’re invaluable. The 3G versions are particularly useful if you need to access anything online outside of the office.

Ah, the iPhone: a fixture of people’s pockets (hands) everywhere! Although many of us use our iPhones for personal use, they’re actually perfect for use by professionals. If you are planning on using an iPhone for professional use, I’d recommend one of the newer models. The older ones will lose support in the near future and the newer ones have better hardware and software, making them easier and smoother to use.

The iPhone could be used as an iPad substitute for when you’re out and about, since there’s very little you can do on an iPad that you couldn’t just do on your phone. The productivity apps are still available on the store, you’re used to typing on your phone anyway, and you’ll usually have Internet access already!

The cross-device calendar syncing will be a great help to those of you with appointment after meeting after appointment, and a quick email to the team to let them know you’re on your way is a breeze on your iPhone.

So there you have it, four great devices that are perfect for use as a professional as well as a general user. Who says you need special office equipment, just use what you have!

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