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Using the notification center in iOS 5

1138 days ago in Articles, How do I?, iPad, iPhone, Tutorials by Brent | No Comments

How to Watch Netflix on Safari for Windows

1147 days ago in Articles, Contributors, How do I?, Tutorials by mikeywrites0010 | 1 Comment


There are right now millions of you who are likely to be reading this post giving your humble blogger a screwfaced WTF through the waves of cyberland and saying curiously to yourself, “Why in the name of Steve the Apple Emperor is this guy daring to speak anything about a PC when this is clearly [...]

How to clean Apple products

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How to clean Apple products

This is a repost of an Apple Support thread. For more detailed information about cleaning a specific device. Please visit the thread. Read recommendations and guidelines for cleaning your Apple computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod, display, or peripheral device. Products Affected Mice and Trackpad, Keyboards, Portable Computers, iMac, iPod, Apple Magic Mouse, Displays, iPhone, iPad, Desktop [...]

Updating to Mac OS X 10.5.6

2166 days ago in Articles, How do I?, Tutorials, Useful Links by Brent | 2 Comments

This has turned out to be a help post as well as a help me post. I’ll deal with the help part first since it’s the easiest. Have you tried to update your OS X to the latest version (10.5.6) through system update and found yourself staring at a non-moving progress bar forever? Many have [...]

Exploring Quicksilver Part 2

2312 days ago in Articles, Contributors, Essential Apps, How do I?, Tutorials by John Fuller | No Comments

Welcome back to Exploring Quicksilver! In this segment, we look at creating a simple solution for managing a to-do list, as well as an easy iTunes trigger. If you haven’t already, please be sure to watch Part 1, where I go over the basic setup and overview of quicksilver. Special thanks to Merlin Mann for [...]

Syncing a Google Calendar to Your iPhone

2405 days ago in How do I?, Tutorials by Brent | 6 Comments

I caught the end of a Twitter conversation today between new Mac owner Clintus McGintus and long time Mac owner Cheryl Colan . Clintus had just finished thanking Cheryl for her help in syncing his Google Calendar with his iPhone. This jogged my brain a bit and made me realize that I hadn’t posted about [...]

Unwrapped a new Mac?

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