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iPad Pro: Features and Quick Rundown

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It’s that time again! Time for another iPad release from Apple; and it’s a good one. We’ve seen a huge range of iPads since their initial release in 2010, from the regular iPad, to the Mini (and everything in between), and now we have the Pro. A larger sized tablet with some impressive features and specifications, the iPad Pro is sure to prove a hit amongst those with a love for the Apple tablet.

The iPad perfect for professionals? Image credit:

The iPad perfect for professionals? Image credit:

iPad Pro Features
One of the things to look for whenever Apple release a new version of the iPad is the updated features. In the past we’ve moved from a regular display to a retina display, had a camera upgrade and such; but what new features does the iPad Pro have?

  • 9 inch display, with a 2,732 x 2,048 resolution capable of showing 5.9 million pixels
  • A9X chip
  • Increased memory capacity. The iPad Pro has options up to 128GB allowing you plenty of space for all the apps, music and movies you could need
  • Wi-Fi and 4G models
  • 10 hour battery life
  • 8MP iSight sensor & 1.2MP forward facing camera, capable of recording HD video up to 1080p

The iPad Pro releases November of 2015 (out now!) and is looking promising for the iPad lovers amongst us for sure. It has a host of improved hardware and software, and with Apple consistent firmware updates, it’s only going to get better. The Pro is ideal for professionals, and there is some question as to whether it could be used entirely in place of a desktop or laptop due to the range of accessories available.

What are your thoughts on the new Apple iPad Pro? I think it’s going to be a hit, but only time will tell!

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