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Is the Desktop dead?

5 years ago in Apple, Articles, iPad, iPhone by Wardy Miller | 3 Comments

apple-mac-productsThis question has been floating around for a while, and I wanted to weigh in and get your opinion. At all things D, Apple CEO Tim Cook, said that the days of the PC were fading, and everyone wants mobility. Is this true? I’m not sure if it is because I have been working with computers for so long that I still see the merits in having a desktop PC. For example I run an iMac with 16 GB of ram. (In fact it is what I am writing this article on). I like having a dedicated workhorse desktop. I use it to manage and store my photos, music and videos. I also use it to edit video. A chore that would take most laptops to it’s knees. While everyone is thinking mobile, I also have an iPad. When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad, the thought was it was an “in-between” device. Bigger than your phone, but not as big as a laptop. While I love my iPad, I can’t imagine it replacing my laptop, let alone my workhorse desktop.
The iPad is a convenient device without a doubt, very portable but grossly underpowered for my normal day to day usage. It works great to play music, surf the web, check e-mail, or update Facebook. Even though iMovie is available for the iPad (and I have tried using it) it is not as usable as it is on my desktop.  While the PC wars may be over, the need for a desktop will not be going away anytime soon. Not as long as people want to push their device to the limit. That being said I am not solely a desktop snob, I think laptops and tablets have their place, and there are plenty of people out there that don’t need the processing power, and are content to use a mobile device for their day to day usage.
What kind of user are you? Desktop only? iPad only? A combination of both? Let us know in the comments.

Just in case…

5 years ago in Apple, Reviews by Wardy Miller | No Comments

Cases are one of the last things most people think about. Usually, you never think about until something bad happens and you wish that you had a case on your phone, iPad or whatever expensive device you need to have protected. This week I had the chance to evaluate the iPad 2 case from MobileFun. […]


5 years ago in Apple, Articles, Reviews by Wardy Miller | No Comments

Many people use their computers for a multitude of things. Some just want to surf the internet and check email. These aren’t the people I am addressing here. The people I am focusing on right now do some very specific things. Some are podcasters, bloggers, video editors, photographers or graphic designers. If you do any […]

More Music

6 years ago in Apple, Articles, Music by Wardy Miller | 1 Comment

My last post was about iTunes 11, and that started me thinking about different music players. In Windows you also have iTunes but also Windows Media Player. But I would be remiss to not discuss other music players. There are many out there and may have there own strengths and weaknesses. So let’s get to […]

New iMacs Hit Stores Today

6 years ago in Apple, Hot News by Brent | No Comments

After much anticipation the latest iMac will finally start shipping today. iMac fans are now able to order both the 27 inch and the 21.5 inch version starting on Friday according to Apple’s website. However, it is important to note that the 27 inch version will only be made available sometime in December when Apple […]

iTunes 11 is here!

6 years ago in Apple, Articles, Reviews by Wardy Miller | 3 Comments

On November 29th, Apple released the new version of iTunes. Previously iTunes releases were always basically the same thing, with new features added. (such as upgrades just to support the latest iOS devices). But this is something completely different. Other than the name the new version is like no other iTunes release that you have […]

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