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Apple products through the ages. (Image credit:

Apple products through the ages. (Image credit:


You’d be forgiven for thinking that, given the recent surge in popularity, Apple are a fairly new brand. However, having been formed in 1976, the company is almost forty years old – that’s a long life time for a technology company! Throughout the company’s life, Apple Inc. have released some of the most iconic pieces of technology and the world goes mad for it each and every time. With people clamouring for the latest iPhone upon every release, and updating other pieces of their tech every couple of years, Apple are showing no signs of going anywhere any time soon, so let’s take a look at Apple through the Ages.

The first release through to today

The Apple I, originally known as the Apple Computer 1, was Apple’s very first release, and barely resembles a computer as we know it today. It lacked many basic features, and the photos you can find of Apple I today are often of modified devices. If there’s anything that highlights the progress the company have made, it’s highlighting the differences between the Apple I and the latest iMac!

Their first taste of success

The first real success Apple Inc. enjoyed was with the very first Macintosh (now known as the Mac) released in 1986; a full ten years after the company’s inception. The initial Macintosh would later lead to an incredibly popular device that’s everywhere now.

Becoming a household name

After a few years of turmoil within the company, it appeared that Apple would never make it to becoming the household name we know it as today. Upon the release of their iPod in 2001, improvements started being seen. A few models later, and Apple became the prominent household name we’re all familiar with, but with a strong emphasis on their musical devices other anything else.

Going mobile

Despite initially starting as a computer technology company, Apple made a name for themselves in the mass market primarily with their mobile devices. Their first iPhone was released in 2007, proving almost instantly popular, and the first iPad came later on in 2010. Between them, though particularly the iPhone, they propelled Apple into the huge company they are today, generating millions of sales every year and proving that the previously failing company was certainly not history.

The first Apple Watch was released in 2015, bringing Apple directly into view of many, many people. Although sales of the Apple Watch were not as high as originally thought, it has still sold reasonably well and sales are thought to increase with later iterations.

Extra services

With such a strong emphasis placed on their mobile devices, Apple had to follow up with extra services that would work primarily with their devices and bring them even more into the public eye. Services such as Apple Pay (allowing users to make credit and debit card payments on their mobile phones or Apple Watch) and Apple Music (released with the intent to rival Spotify and other music streaming services) have been rolled out across a large number of Apple devices.

Just from this quick run down, you can see how much Apple Inc. have grown as a company in quite a short period of time. The real growth isn’t seen until the release of the iPhone in 2010, although the reputation of the company certainly sees an increase in 2007 with the release of the iPod. One thing is for sure, though, Apple aren’t going anywhere just yet and we’re sure to see even more exciting releases from the technology giant in the near future.

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