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iPad-AirThis week Apple released the iPad Air. Of coarse all of the Apple haters poo-pooed the new Air, and I’m not sure why. Everything about the device SCREAMS new and improved. For example the iPad air runs on the A7 chip with 64-bit architecture making everything faster and gives the user a more enjoyable experience, and after all isn’t that what you want from something that is new and improved? Not only is it new and improved, it is incredibly thinner and lighter, with the Wi-Fi version weighing in at 1 pound. (The cellular version is slightly heavier due to the added radio and weighs in at 1.05 pounds). The display is the Retina display with a resolution of 2048×1536 at 264 pixels per inch.(ppi).

The iPad Air comes in two finishes, Space Gray and Silver. Another interesting feature that was not really covered during the keynote was capacity, the iPad Air stars off with 16GB storage for $499 up to 128GB at $799 for the wireless model with the cellular model coming in at $620 and $929 respectively. The wireless radio runs at 802.11a/b/g/n duel channel 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The cameras are what you have come to expect. They shot 1080P HD video, with video stabilization, face detection tap to focus and much more. (Being a video guy it is very easy for me to go on and on about cameras, but I and intentionally holding off so I don’t bore you.) Battery life, this is where Apple destroys the competition. even with making the iPad smaller, Apple still managed to retain the same battery life as the previous model, up to 10 hours of surfing on Wi-Fi, or 9 hours using cellular data. The iPad Air comes with iOS 7, and the iLife and iWork suites. Also included if FaceTime which is now capable of Video and Audio calls. AirPlay is also included to share content from your iPad to your Apple TV.

The bottom line: The iPad Air is a really nice upgrade, if for nothing else weight. Don’t make any judgements about the iPad Air, until you need to pick one up yourself to really appreciate how light and functional this device is.

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  • Mikeyl

    Everythiing is improved except the features an thats important no downloading rar files to extract to the device video files still have to be converted to play on the device there is no micro sd 100 bucks for extra couple gigs is ridiculous and there is still no flash player which is a big thing for users also you still cant multi task i am using my ipad mini an all i can really do is youtube and netflix i cant download stuff i dont play any games on my tablet or phone because i find them non entertaining i only play pc and console games those are real games overall ipad air is only good for youtube an netflix to me so theres no point upgrading if there is no new features besides the specs my uncle an brother has the ipad 4 after the air came out they said so the specs are slightly better an the weight but there are no new features then theres no point upgrading

  • Wardy22

    I understand your issue with flash not being present. The reason flash isn’t added is that flash is not really coded to work on Apple products. If you take a Mac Laptop (Air or Pro) and watch a few Flash movies, the laptop will noticeably heat up. Since there is no fan or efficient method of cooling, the processor would fry. This goes back to when the iPad was introduced, Apple wanted to include Flash on the devices, but whether Adobe thought the iPad wasn’t going to succeed, or there wouldn’t be enough of a market share to make it worth their time, they said they wouldn’t correct the problems. At which time Steve Jobs started pushing the HTML 5 standard.
    As far as upgrading goes, the main difference other than weight would be the A7 processor and 64-bit architecture. I agree that the iPad Retina doesn’t need to be updated, but it would be a nice improvement for someone that is running an iPad 2. There would be enough of a processor improvement to justify it. The issue with doing RAR files is that you would have to expose the file system, whack could potentially jeopardize the security of the device.

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