HotGloo: My new favorite wireframing tool

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Recently, I started using HotGloo for my UX/Wireframing projects. Being a HUGE OmniGraffle fanboy, this was a tough switch but I was looking for something that allowed me to wireframe and ideate with my business partner Sunny at the same time. We both work together on nearly everything and it’s hard waiting on each other to make tweaks to a wireframe when only one of us can have the file open at a time. So we went searching for something to fit the collab bill and we found HotGloo!

It may not have all the nifty features as some of the other favorite wireframing solutions out there but it’s pretty dang awesome in it’s own right. Just being able to open up a browser and join Sunny in a wireframe session makes it worthwhile, but there are a lot of other features worth mentioning. One in particular is the interactions you can build in to your wireframes. You can simulate pretty closely the functions of a page or site by activating clickable areas in review mode. Then you invite your client and let them play around.

The interface is pretty sweet as well. I found it extremely intuitive and caught on to using it pretty quick. I’m still looking for some form of way to create my own symbols (that I can edit once placed on a sheet) and the way to rotate something (I’m sure I’m missing that somewhere). All in all though, this tool is serving us nicely and I look forward to getting better and better at using it.

Thanks guys for a great app! Keep it up! Follow Hotglue on twitter or facebook (and tell them I said “hi”)

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  • Wolf Becvar

    Hey Brent,
    Wow many thanks for the review, really good to see that our new Team Collaboration (which was a long hard road to develop) finally pays off.  For us a great indicator that we are on the right way focusing solely on a web-based solution with a clear focus on interactivity and collaboration. 

    Best regards,

    PS: Rotation at the moment is only possible with the triangle element *shame on us*, but will be expanded on other elements soon.

  • windrush

    Wunderlist to me is a nice concept, and looks great, but the syncing is totally unreliable and breaks _all_the_time_ (i.e. it randomly/often gets out of sync/stops syncing for no reason, and often you can’t even force it to ‘reconnect’ or something.) This made it unusable to me. 

  • DashboardMockups

    “When it comes to wireframe the first comer has a huge advantage and all the fans create a huge wall for the late comers. I wonder how long the fans are going to resist
    MockupTiger? Once you use it you will fall in love!”

  • Brent Spore

    Can multiple people edit a wireframe at the same time?

  • Brent Spore

    Sorry guys this comment got stuffed in the wrong post thread. here’s the correct post:

  • Victor Conesa

    Here is a new one it’s completely free and great to build clickable mockups for web and mobile apps. It has a good collaboration feature as well.

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